Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Macavity of the PMQs

Once again Macavity is disappearing from PMQs to let the Harridan screech her badly delivered notes given to her by some Liebour orc on Wednesday.  Macavity's excuse is that he will have to join the Queen in welcoming South African Jacob Zuma's arrival in London for talks on Thursday.  So that's talks on Thursday and not Wednesday.  And no doubt, the flight will land just before PMQs starts.  Of course.

Digging a little deeper, I wondered just how many PMQs Macavity has missed during his short reign since 27 June 2007.  Using this and this I have calculated the following:

Prime MinisterYears in officeTotal PMQs# missed% missed

So currently at number two in the Macavity stakes with only a few months left. 

Can he become the all time disappearing Macavity?  The Prime Minister that just seems to have "other important business" to attend to when the political stakes get a bit heated?


  1. This lump of excrement will meet his comeuppance.

    he is the nastiest piece of crap ever to come down from Scotland.

    Fuck off back you utter coward

  2. A Labour lickspittle said just the other day that Brown liked to do PMQS more than Blair ever did.
    These labour spokesmen just cannot tell the truth
    and they think that the rest of are idiots .

  3. It's a little misleading though, in that under Thatcher and Major, PMQs occured far more frequently than under Blair and Brown.
    So whereas the percentages per PMQs are correct, Major appeared more regularly than Brown on a week by week basis.

    i.e (average appearances per year in Office)
    Brown = 25.666
    Major = 50.1

  4. Ok, to be fair.
    The other stats are:

    Thatcher = 63
    Blair = 32.6

  5. That's quite interesting Anonymous, I hadn't thought there were more PMQs a year during Thatcher's and Major's time.

    So Macavity in essence has attended less than the others.