Monday, 11 May 2009

"Eject Eject Eject!"

I get the feeling that the Labour party are going through the same emotions as this trainee pilot!

You know, keep your nose up and clean, keep burning the taxpayers money, and hope no Guido Falcon spoils your despicable troughfest by headbutting your titanium fan blades causing a flameout!

The only difference with this brave scenario of decent military aviators versus the scumbag politicos, I hope due to their fiscal incompetence, MPs have found that they couldn't afford the parachutes.

Just had a thought...

A few weeks ago, swine flu ridden MPs were collectively snorting a sigh of relief as their expenses were going to be doctored to remove the incriminating evidence before being open to public viewing in July, conveniently after the June elections.

Now that the Telegraph have access to the uncensored itemised receipts, will parliament now reveal the receipts uncensored?

A bit of a tricky one this...

How "old wives tales" become government policy

Hat Tip to the Freedom To Choose blog via uber-bloggers Dick Puddlecote and LegIron on how an unscientific report consisting of a phonecall to 1000 bovine idiots whether they thought people who are smokers can infect people simply by standing next to them. Note, not actually smoking, but "3rd hand smoke".

The report concluded from the responses of the non-thinkers that yes indeedy, babies and the sick will die of cancer by simply standing next to a smoker.

And behold, via the equally lobotomised media, it became policy and now smokers are not permitted to enter the Royal Oldham Hospital in Manchester, simply because they choose to smoke. Note: not smoking, but have been or are smokers.

Another example of where no scientific proof will get in the way of a predetermined decision by the the Wretched.

Wake up Neo...(knock knock)

Friday, 8 May 2009

Uncensored expenses revelation is Labour spin operation?

Blogs everywhere are going bananas about the Telegraph's revelations of MP's uncensored expenses claims. Although we were due to see these in July, MPs ordered certain "private" (read incriminating) details be removed.

At the moment, these are all about the current Labour government and so far Harperson has been flitting from Sky to the BBC (Pravda) in a vain attempt to repeat the mantra:

"It was within the rules, the old system was wrong, we have recognised this and we will be reviewing this"
Which I and everyone else reads as:

"Shit! We've been caught out, it's bad, very bad, and now we've got to pretend to change the system"
However, once again my spider senses are tingling:

Could this simply be an opportunistic way of dumping out bad Labour news now, and then revealing the Tory expenses closer to the elections in a few weeks time, especially considering the Labour biased behaviour of the Telegraph over the last few years?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ghurkas backtracking farce by the labour government

Joanna Lumley had said she was 'devastated and shocked' at the verdicts on the five men and threatened to voice her anger at a press conference this afternoon.

She was called into a urgent meeting with Immigration Minister Phil Woolas to be told the rejections had 'no practical effect'.

And so the backtracking commences. See Joanna's face as the weasel Woolas squirms his labour lies:

BBC Website

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Prescott's New Career Inspired By Jim Carrey



A new career beckons in 2010, Mr Prescott!