Monday, 30 March 2009

The rictus grin

This is all our Prime Mentalist could do when getting the well deserved dressing down of a lifetime from Daniel Hannan earlier last week.
He really is pathologically incapable of being normal.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

"Waiter! There's a hoon in my soup!"

Poor old Derek... haha

Expelled from his university and now made to look a right arrogant and obnoxious idiot on the Daily Politics show - tremendous.

Told off for interrupting by the hosts, and Guido went in for the political kill about his accusations of Dale's "racism" and the collusion between Draper and spindoctor Damien McBride.

Good to get Derek to confess live on TV that he's being paid by Labour sympathisers and regular Labour donors.

In the end, Derek got nasty e.g. he reverted to his natural self by trying to smear Guido, failed and ended up looking like a bigger hoon than we all thought was capable.

I feared for Guido thinking it was going to be a BBC Labour-led stitchup, but it looked like Andrew and his co-presenter were keen to stick the knife into that over-qualified tramp.

And the first attempt by the BBC to present the Dan Han video, although the were backpedalling wildly as to why they hadn't shown it.

Well done Guido, and bye bye Derek.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dan Hannan says Gordon is "...pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for these things..."

Probably one of the most wanted, needed and best speeches I have heard for some time.

Please link, post, email... anything - just get these liebour hoons out now.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Green shoots of drudgery

I heard on the radio and on the news this morning talk about the "green shoots of recovery" that were taking place. Although most of those being interviewed were profusely sweating estate agents saying they were seeing “...much more activity than last month...” but obviously declined to mention exactly how much of this "activity" had turned into transactions.

The Grauniad has a delusional piece on liebour still winning the election alongside the news of unemployment accelerating past the 2 million mark.

Could this be the signs that Gordon is gearing up the electorate for an early election? Make the economic news artificially good, declare himself as the UK’s personal saviour, throw the last credit card at a “Gordon is good” marketing campaign and have a quick election when the weather is good?

I think the first planted question in PMQs will be something along the lines of:

“With the first signs of economic recovery showing, would my right honourable friend like to hear another apology from the Tories for not realising his economic mastery?”

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hello darkness my old friend

No, it's not a future projected picture of Dolly in one of the Gillian "another dodgy qualification" McKeith programs to shock you into eating paper, grass and water for the rest of your life after she carried out the grand revealing of your stools. It's a picture from an online game I played the other night called Left4Dead which is the cliched but enjoyable shooting of amusingly animated Zombies, shouting and laughing with your mates while drinking beer.

The girlfriend of one friend stood in while he refilled his pint glass and she efficiently covered the rearguard. She also had a remarkably charming voice on the crystal clear Skype conference call.

Although I’m a little cautious at using that as an overall true judge and jury of character as I used to have the hots for my dad’s secretary when I was a teenager. I'd never met her before but she had this super-sexy, silky 100 Rothman’s RP voice of a vixen and between the sheets in those hormone fuelled “nuit de passion” between myself and my imagination, I assumed she to be the Jeanne Moreau of my film noir dreams.

My dad just laughed at me – she was about 60 years old and my illusion was shattered.

Mind you, there have been some awful, beaten with the ugly stick, nagging fillies, when not braying into my ear but were confusing the delicate art of fellatio with the process of ripping corn from its cob with their incisors, where I had an epiphany and truly appreciated the meaning of Art and Paul’s stunning, selfless biblical message to the followers of flares, that within the sound of silence, darkness was indeed my friend.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

"derekdraper is following you"

Er, not any more he's not. Poor old Dolly, once again, like Jonah, his grandious plans for his masters to control the blogosphere have taken another turn for the worse. According to twitter, Dolly offended by violating these T&Cs:-

  • a large number of people block the profile in question
  • a large number of people write in with spam complaints for a specific profile
  • aggressive following (a large number of people are followed in a short amount of time)
  • extremely imbalanced follower/following ratio

Problem is, Dolly thinks he can treat the internet like any other traditional media - you know, phone it up, get all aggressive, bully and shout and threaten so he can get his own way.

It's Dolly's way. It's Labour's way.

The Internet? No way.

(h/t Guido)

Monday, 9 March 2009

The curse of Jonah strikes again

One minute Gordon is telling congress that Kennedy is to receive an honoury knighthood:

“Northern Ireland today is at peace,” Brown said. “More Americans have health care. Children around the world are going to school. And for all those things, we owe a great debt to the life and courage of Senator Edward Kennedy.”

Next minute, all hell breaks loose in Northern Ireland...



Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Why LabourList will fail

As I haven't been there for several weeks, I had a quick look at Dolly's Labourlost blog, you know, the one that is "a place for labour-minded people to come together online and discuss politics".

Except that there isn't a great deal of discussion going on, just posts that mirror the labour party message du jour. Nothing about ID cards, crime figures, gordon's culpability of the demise of the horn of plenty etc Just a daily piece of propaganda from the labour bunker.

The whole raison d'être of a blog is to provide a platform to encourage discussion. To argue. To throw ideas around. To share viewpoints. To score points and to expose some other not necessarily tasteful human behaviours.

The problem with the old question: "why are labour so appallingly unsucessful at everything, including blogs?" can be answered with one word. Control.

Everything about labour can be distilled down into top down control.

You have a problem? Don't worry, the state will look after you.

Not sure what to eat? The state will tell you what you must and must not eat.

It's in their mindsets. It's in their DNA. It's their tribalist genes. The control. A blog without moderation and discussion is anathma to them. They can't allow people to disagree with the party line. They can't allow people to discuss freely their ideas. You must believe with all your heart that the state is right. And punishment for those that dare to differ and be individual.

So back to the image at the top of this article. This was in response to the drearily, obviously written by a wonk, Kerry "I agree with everything labour say and do without argument" McCarthy article about the argument for the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

Out of the pitifully small handful of replies that tried to deride labour's obvious attempts at spinning this awkward dilemma, only one person touched on the real reason behind this and...

... was promptly deleted as it was off-message.

That’s not a blog.

That’s Pravda. And we’ve already got one of those in Portland Place, London.

"She thinks it's all over, it is now..."

The picture that says it all in today's PMQs: Harman's realisation that she may have just lost her chance of succeeding Gordon in the race for the next Leader of the Opposition for several decades.

Note how the two stooges on either side, Miliband being a hopeful contender, are laughing at Harman's discomfort at Hague questioning her loyalty to "the man that never says sorry".

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Another Pig Snuffling at the Trough

As Iain Dale, Guido and The Penguin have posted, Unite's Derek Simpson has been wallowing in the 5 star Waldorf hotel rather than catching the train 35 mins or being driven wee, wee, wee all the way home in his chauffeur driven car.

Simpson, who has joined the braying Mary Shelley extras in the demonising of “fat-cat” bankers, is up for re-election next week as leader of the Amicus half of the union.

A Unite spokesvermin vomited forth some lame justification about “being operationally appropriate” which ranks high amongst the disgust I have for weasel words such as “it is the right thing to do”, “lessons have been learnt” and “quantitative easing”.

Another runt likely to be voted out then, to be swapped by another gagging for the trough of plenty.