Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Comment Is Fun

You just have to give it to Polly Toynbee and Jackie Ashley - their continual devotion to the ill-fated cause of Nu Liebour is exemplary. I thought the comments in the Grauniad earlier this year were scathing - a quick read now and they're on the verge or rioting! Some brilliant ripostes and some pitiful defence consisting of "only Tories comment and blog here" and "well, the Tories would be worse".

Click on the links above to see for yourselves.

Jackie Ashley may have kidded herself about her husband, Andy Marr's, affair and illegitimate daughter with Alice Miles, but she's got some way to go before convincing disillusioned liebour voters.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Apologists for Evil

"...leftie, liberal, multicultural appeasement monkeys..."

Fantastic! Good old Pat Condell.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Global scepticism

From the champions of impartiality, the BBC brings you glad tidings from another survey that says, wait for it:

Twice as many people now agree that "claims that human activities are changing the climate are exaggerated"

Well, what do you know! Apparently, if you are from the following demographic, you can see through the propaganda:

  • Men

  • Rural

  • Older

  • High earners

  • Conservative voters
Interesting demographic - anyone would think that only those people who had independent thought would see through the big scam and weren't taking in by the propaganda and actually thought and challenged this growing tide of eco-fascism.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The windmills of your mind

Apart from the cost of maintenance to keep these "bird slicers" (a minor amount of carnage, of course, but I love the term) running, what they fail to tell you is that this variable power source requires a conventional power source as a backup: a fossil fuel burning one.

Now what they also give the impression is that when the wind stops blowing just as EastEnders starts, they press a button and the standby power station does the business.

Let me tell you, having worked on a power station and refinery in a former life, one does not simply press a big start button and voila: instant power. It can take several days to "black start" a power station.

In order to get the power to the grid quickly, the power station must be in "standby" mode i.e. its furnaces lit, the steam generated and pressured and possibly the turbines rotating.

So while these windmills are busy spinning away keeping the thicky green eco-nazis happy in blissful ignorance and couscous salads, a nasty old backup power station is quietly burning fossil fuels in the background.

Tax, tax and more tax and subsidies to large corporations.

These idiots simply wont be happy until horses are towing our Volvos.