Friday, 26 August 2011

Post of the Day

From contributor Ed the Axeman on Guido's Caption Competition today:

I live in a mainly Muslim community and I’m really fed up with the politically correct bollocks around here.

My local pub had to change its name from The Flying Pig, nobody speaks English in any shop you go in and you can barely cook a bacon sarnie without upsetting some Pakistani or another!

So I was so happy to see my local swimming pool fighting back, and ruining their fun for a change. It had big sign on the wall stating:


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Here's to Freedom, and the Few that are fighting for it

Sometimes in all the noise and haste of global political upheavals, we forget there is one man fighting for our liberty, who is no stranger when publically expressing what we collectively feel deep within ourselves.

And there is another:

Help! The aliens have landed!

I like Fraser Nelson. I really do. He's articulate, well-educated, had the courage to challenge the pathological buffoon, who ironically had written a book about the very thing that he was totally devoid of, and whose raison d'être is generally far removed from the banality and predictability of the MSM lobby copy drones out there.
Imagine my horror when he writes an article like this.

One can only assume that some alien life force has swapped his brain for a sub-standard, pre-programed one, perhaps from a lesser spotted Liebour MP, for instance.
Fraser, we need to cauterize that alien presence from your brain – now!