Thursday, 26 March 2009

"Waiter! There's a hoon in my soup!"

Poor old Derek... haha

Expelled from his university and now made to look a right arrogant and obnoxious idiot on the Daily Politics show - tremendous.

Told off for interrupting by the hosts, and Guido went in for the political kill about his accusations of Dale's "racism" and the collusion between Draper and spindoctor Damien McBride.

Good to get Derek to confess live on TV that he's being paid by Labour sympathisers and regular Labour donors.

In the end, Derek got nasty e.g. he reverted to his natural self by trying to smear Guido, failed and ended up looking like a bigger hoon than we all thought was capable.

I feared for Guido thinking it was going to be a BBC Labour-led stitchup, but it looked like Andrew and his co-presenter were keen to stick the knife into that over-qualified tramp.

And the first attempt by the BBC to present the Dan Han video, although the were backpedalling wildly as to why they hadn't shown it.

Well done Guido, and bye bye Derek.


  1. Nicely put.
    What a HOON he is.
    I can feel another Draper video coming..
    something to keep me occupied while watching the insipidness that is Question Time later on..

  2. I like your blog, so I called Addref on it.

  3. lol! Nice one AntiCitizenOne, and welcome. I also AddRef() your blog as well.

  4. AvengingPaladin27 March 2009 at 13:53

    I did like Guido's T-Shirt.

  5. Hi and welcome AvengingPaladin - yes it was a neat trick that seemed to put Dolly a little on edge.