Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Green shoots of drudgery

I heard on the radio and on the news this morning talk about the "green shoots of recovery" that were taking place. Although most of those being interviewed were profusely sweating estate agents saying they were seeing “...much more activity than last month...” but obviously declined to mention exactly how much of this "activity" had turned into transactions.

The Grauniad has a delusional piece on liebour still winning the election alongside the news of unemployment accelerating past the 2 million mark.

Could this be the signs that Gordon is gearing up the electorate for an early election? Make the economic news artificially good, declare himself as the UK’s personal saviour, throw the last credit card at a “Gordon is good” marketing campaign and have a quick election when the weather is good?

I think the first planted question in PMQs will be something along the lines of:

“With the first signs of economic recovery showing, would my right honourable friend like to hear another apology from the Tories for not realising his economic mastery?”


  1. PMQs shows there are no green shoots of recovery for Brown. Pathetic, half-truth answers and a total outclassing by DC. I can see the polls rising by .5% just on the way this will be reported tonight. Welcome back, David Cameron!

  2. I agree nabidana, Dave played well today. You can always know when he does by the unusually large number of dissenters that quickly post how badly Cameron apparently performed.