Sunday, 21 March 2010

English Freemen Standing In Court - Council Tax Hearing


Here we see English Freemen standing in court as Lay Advisors to another Freemen.
This is for a Council Tax Liability Order hearing in Cwmbran Magistrates Court in South Wales, There were 14 Freemen in attendance.
The court was never convened as the Freemen never handed juridiction to magistrates or the clerk by standing up when ordered to do so and the magistrates never sat down.
The magistrates twice abandoned the court (the ship) and it was the Freemen who called the Police and at one point the Lay advisor can clearly be heard calling attending Police Constables to arrest the magistrates for impersonating judges.
There were many criminal acts committed this day by the company personnel (Magistrates, solictors, security and the clerk) and Police complaints are under way pending prosecutions for Fraud among other things.
But for the real shocker of how these people think they are above the law ...
Watch until the end!
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UPDATE: Uncle Marvo has shown this to be a great big con.  Thank you for pointing this out.

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  1. Oh, cock.

    Read the Old Holborn article, take note of the comments, and let's get this ghost laid to rest.

    Look particularly for Ray StClair. FFS, I can see how these people get their publicity.