Tuesday, 9 March 2010

5th Blog Post From BBC's Nick Robinson about Ashcroft

Like a dog with a bone, Nick Robinson simply won't let this Ashcroft story go.  Even readers on his blog are staggered at his blatant lack of impartiality.

Perhaps Nick can now focus on Labour's non-doms such as Lord Paul, as Marr did on his Sunday show to a very surprised Harriet Harman.  She wasn't ready for any off-script questions!

However, the BBC remains fully focussed on discrediting the Tories at every step, I'm sure with a little persuasion from a certain Mr Mandleson as well as their collective, ingrained liberal thinking culture within.  As they say, the Tory voting club in the BBC has very few members.  The BBC's thin veneer of impartiality and balance has all but gone and they have shown where their taxpayer funded loyalty lies, as was expected now that the polls are showing the two parties neck and neck.

Favourable reporting from the BBC is important for both parties, as can be seen whenever Labour have complained to the BBC about Tory bias.

However, with the plethora of sites such as the Biased BBC, there are many examples of the BBC anti-Tory bias that we can observe ourselves, even familiar scenes such as allowing Labour their say without interruption and then countering this with downright hostility with any Tory interviewee.

From Nick's blog, RobB sums it up nicely:

So Nick,

now that you've written 5 blogs recently on the Ashcroft/Conservatives and none on the Labour non-doms; maybe to address the BBC impartiality you should perhaps do as David Cameron suggests and "go after the Labour Party and ask questions about their donors and where they pay tax."
How 'bout that eh ?

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  1. Robinson ate a tiny bit of humble pie on Sraj Paul in his recent bbc blog, but not a hint of his raiding the pension fund when he took over the company Caparo, which his son now runs.
    The Americans GOP have really got to know of bbc left wing bias and in the coming months may use it to display to Americans what can happen after years of "socialist" incompetency.