Friday, 26 March 2010

The Times They Are a-Chargin'

From Iain Dales great blog, I hear that the Times has announced they are going to charge £1/day to read their online content.

The business model for paying for content is changing in as much as the same way as the music industry is changing.

People will download songs for free, perhaps like the track and possibly buy the album(s) and pay for the concerts. And they will be exposed to a greater genre of music that they like and the artists will have to play more live gigs to generate revenue. I think this is a good thing and the music industry should leave the old business model behind and capitalise on a new model that allows many more artists and different flavours of music and originality into the market.

It is the same with the MSM: people are viewing free content from many more sources online now and with the introduction of blogs and other online vehicles are starting to see a wider range of opinions and viewpoints. The great thing about this is that people start to discuss issues rather than simply lap up the one-way news that is served to them on a daily basis. Blogs and online content is a two way street – people can discuss, dispute, agree and disagree and show proof or no proof of these matters.

If the MSM chose to charge for their content, then like the music industry, there will be people who will pay for that, but then there will be a growing number of people who won’t and will get their information from elsewhere.

The internet has changed most established business models significantly and irreversibly. Businesses cannot turn back the internet clock.

The broadcast visual media model is changing. Instead of watching a programme under the terms and conditions of the broadcaster (when and where) we now have the ability to record that programme to view later, to view it on a different platform, such as an iPhone and now the ability to watch what we want, when we want and where we want with the advent of such technologies such as IPTV.

A lot of this is free and puts pressure on such business models such as the UK TV licence that has disappeared from other countries such as New Zealand. It does not affect the quality of output per se: if there is a demand and market for content, it will be provided. And more importantly, it reduces the entry costs of being able to start your own broadcasting channels and levels the playing fields – it provide the potential to remove the monopolies.

The payment of this service will shift from licence fee to pay per view or adverts. But with technology, there will always be avenues for disrupting this process: from advert popup blockers to software that can strip the adverts out of pay per view content.

Ultimately, the internet will connect more people together than any industry has been able to do in the past. It will allow information to flow rapidly amongst local people for local issues and will allow the news of international events to be discussed all over the world. Transparency and discussion will prevail through the interconnectivity of the world and it will become more difficult to try and keep a control and monopoly of information while the people around the world can have access to this.

Companies are naturally resorting to traditional methods to protect their business models and monopolies. The internet presents an infrastructure than can provide the greatest tool for freedom that man can have and the potential for the greatest open free market for anyone, anywhere who has an entrepreneurial idea, to have a low cost method of entry and compete in an almost totally free market.

The internet is simply a tool. It can be used for greatness and it can be used for terror, depending on the behaviour of man. But for me, I think it’s the first invention I’ve seen that could literally free the entire world.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sinking Tories Subtle Adverts

The slow decline of the Tory lead in all the polls is quite an unfathomable phenomenon. I mean we all hate this Labour government, Gordon Brown is the most unpopular chancellor and prime minister ever and responsible for the UK’s biggest deficit and is a socially misfit, pathological liar.

So why are the Tories trailing in the polls?

I think we have to get a few points straight before we tackle this. First of all, we as bloggers and readers of political blogs are what we would call “Politically aware”. That is we attempt to read information that is outside of the “message” that is churned out daily by the media and try and make a more informed and balanced opinion on events.

What is this message? It’s often the newspaper leading with a carefully spun line, often from a lobbyist or government minister that has given the carefully crafted snippet of propaganda. This exact same soundbite is given to all media outlets and is broadcasted continually by the BBC for instance, and on the local or national radio as well as newspapers.

These pro-government messages are constantly broadcasted to us on an hourly, sometimes half hourly basis until the next day, when another carefully prepared soundbite from a government team is constructed and given out.

Another form of “message” is the involvement of the country’s biggest advertiser: the government. Now spending more in advertising than P&G. 

How many adverts have you heard on commercial radio this year, especially in the run up to the election, about “tax needn’t be complicated”, “Think!” and “Frank” and others that have promoted government policies via the COI?

Advertising works by repeatedly playing the same message over and over again, often linking it with a product until a familiarity or connection is made in the brain. It is not just brand recognition, but an emotional association with a brand. There may be many brands of soap powder in front of you but what one are you drawn to? Is it the one that washes “whiter than white”, or the one that has been the established and trusted company that appears to share your family values, or is it the most expensive one because that means it’s the best quality product available, or is it the one that has the catchy jingle that is now running through your head?

And so it is with the government messages on the radio, on the TV, in the newspapers, repeating the same thing over and over again.

The subtle little changes the BBC makes:

“Tory MP caught fiddling expenses”
“Government minister suspected in expenses claim issue”

Notice the association of the Tory brand with a negative message versus the vagueness of the second message that doesn’t associated the negativity of the message with any political party?

An trick regularly used by the BBC.

We have had the worst recession since WW II and the first thing that is likely to be cut by companies is their advertising budget. This affects more than just the advertising agencies: commercial radio loses revenue, commercial TV broadcasters lose revenue, newspapers and magazines lose revenue. But then, nice old Mr Government comes along and says: “Hey, don’t worry, we’ll support you in this recession and make sure you don’t go under, we’ve got plenty of taxpayer’s money and we’ll pay you to advertise our policies”.

And so in one easy step, our tax is being used to artificially boost companies profits while at the same time allow the government message to be broadcast to a wider audience.

Take LBC for example. Formally owned by Chrysalis, they were taken over by Global Radio, a large consortium and their advertising slots are now full of government adverts. Their anti-government line has softened over the years but who can blame them?

Imagine if that shouty Mr Ferrari had torn daily into the government incompetence day in day out and suddenly the station’s CEO had a phone call from the government’s PR machine, subtly explaining that in the interests of the radio’s financial longevity, it might be better if a certain Mr Ferrari had a more “balanced” approach.

Imagine if a certain Mr G Osborne had expressed concerns over the governments escalating adspend and said we cannot go on spending like this, there must be cuts. The UK advertising industry would be most concerned at seeing all the potential revenue lost by no longer making all those Global Warming propaganda pieces.

Indeed, so concerned about that, that they would get together and actually tell Mr Osborne that they were extremely concerned. But then the nice Mr Vaizey would say to them all: “Don’t worry, we are looking to increase our spending even more, here have some more cash, not like those nasty Tories”.

So the government now control a large proportion of the media. And those that aren’t in the pocket of the government are not doing well compared to those that are in the recession, so they want a slice of the taxpayers money too and start lobbying for some. Look at the relative safety of the tax payer funded BBC versus ITV who are now struggling.

So it would be quite easy for a government to turn up the anti-Tory rhetoric just before an election, they have the control over the largest propaganda machine in the UK as well as having a large proportion of the working public relying on government funding to pay for those mortgages.

Think about it when you next see the BBC interviewing a Tory versus a Labour official. Count the number interruptions, time how long they are allowed to speak, compare and contrast the aggressive tone of the interviewer.

And you wonder why the Tory lead in the polls is declining?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Missed all the banter on Guido's Live PMQs? Can't be arsed to trawl through pages of the windowlicking scribblings of the demented? Want to see the highlights in one easy to digest posting?

Well, welcome to the weekly Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Goodbye Darling Edition

What's For Lunch Carlos?
Carlos MIA

Theresa May Spacesuit Watch
.243 Win: May's the Urban Spacebird again...

BristolDave: Hooray, the Helmetless Astronaut is back!

Steve Expat: Theresa May in the spacesuit again...

Dick Scratcher: And so, Theresa May’s back, from outer space. I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face. I should have changed my stupid lock. I should have made you leave your key. If I had known for just one second. You'd be back to bother me…etc.

coco the conspirator: is teresa wearing an action man diving suit?

.243 Win: Dick : "She's the Urban Spacebird baby, but here's the twist : She don't exist". Apologies to the Bonzo Dog band...

The IMF is coming: Theresa off diving later

@paulwaugh: Theresa May laughing so much at GB that her star trek outfit looked like it was going to beam itself up

Tory Tittle Tattler: how much longer are we going to have to wait before theresa may gets rid of that awful star trek jacket!

@niallpaterson: Tory frontbench sitting in silence. Probably as dumb-struck as i am by Theresa May's jacket.

Hain Pantone Watch
Dick Scratcher: Hain Pantone Reference : 811 (neon pumpkin)

Dodgy Tie of the Week
BristolDave: God almighty, where did that tie come from?

Bristol Dave : The 70's

Star Trek Watch
.243 Win: Malik being this weeks token Ferrangi.

Claw Watch
.243 Win: The CLAW !!!!

Beware of Geeks: Claw watch!

Labour Parody of the Week
Geraldine Dreadful MP: This budget will hopefully reinstate the milk taken away from our kids by the hated Margaret Thatcher

Best Line of the Week
hugh: i got a taxi back from the pub last night - 5 grand!

@torybear: Nice taxpayer funded helicopter for Darling's wake

Roger Thornhill: A Flatulence Fart For All

Dick Scratcher: Stephen Byers latest: I had that Rosie Winterton in the back of my cab last week. It was a threesome with John Prescott.

.243 Win: Christ on a bike. Smiffy can always find work as the model for the next "Chucky" movie.

Beware of Geeks: Hang on a minute, he's now saying it has gone up again? Have I had a Flash Forward?

Dick Scratcher: Mountford : I wouldn't touch her with yours

BristolDave: Look at Brown's hand waving! Ooh Ducky!

Dick Scratcher: Sarah Brown getting bullying lessons from Naomi Campbell

RantinRab: He sent our gold in a big pre paid envelope

Urban Tory: I must say, I am going to miss those eyebrows from the front bench

BristolDave: Urban Tory: You may not have to miss them, I'm sure he'll rent them out to someone else

Tom FD: he likes to present himself as Mister Trans-pear-ant

Steve Expat: nokias doing their pre-flight checks already

Tom FD: I had that Stephen Byers in my cab and he was driving it

BristolDave: I was in a cab and it was Stephen Byers

Roger Thornhill: Yvette has the smallest head in the HoC

.243 Win: Kemp : Frankinstein had a bad day with that one...

Spank Sinatra: It's Mr Potato Head

@niallpaterson: Brown clearly not happy today. Arms crossed when listening to Cameron, and what my gran would call "a face like fizz"

John Ward: Ranks, certainly. There's a rank stench, and Byers is in a taxi-rank.

BristolDave: "Let me thank my honourable friend for that planted question"

Another Engineer: Zero emissions? Where the hell does the electricity come from you muppet?

Bill Quango mp: While Prescott lives we will never get zero emissions.

RantinRab: It's to be called the Nissan Tw@t.

mort: gawd gorgon is boiling, hope his head explodes

spotty: the new 'leaf 'car. A free calendar to check your acceleration

Geraldine Dreadful MP: I can't get a taxi anywhere now Byers raised the going rate to five grand.

Old Holborn: the most corrupt parliament in living memory

Vladikavkaz: I burnt my toast this morning, Ashcrofts fault

Taxi Driver for hire: £5k a day

Rog: Who IS that swarthy homunculus a few seats to Brown's left? Some sort of ethnic Oompah Loompah?

Geraldine Dreadful MP: I think John Bercow is fabulous. But then I thought he was a janitor.

Beware of Geeks: Brown is comparing New York Apples with English pears

Hugh Jardon: nodding her head like a £100.00 /hr prozzy

Old Holborn: Labour wants to touch your children

Nick2: Sure Start? Didn't Smackney Council close one as it was 'too middle class'?

.243 Win: Someone tell Loch Ness it's monster is missing..

Roger Thornhill: Just because Socialism is legal, does not mean it is safe

Legally Retarded: I'm surprised Bell doesn't just run down and suck him off...

@torybear: Gordon events new drug "methoderdrown"

Roger Thornhill: Gordon puts the N in Cuts.

dr. sipp: i never got my free plastic toy in my sugar puffs cereal ---im blaming ashcroft

Beware of Geeks: Question to the Prime Minister: "What is the square root of 16,433?" Answer from the Prime Mentalist: "Lord Ashcroft"

Vladikavkaz: the square root of 16433 was only 128 in 1997, but we have increased this by 50% in real terms to 192.

Dick Robinson: lord ashcroft production has risen by 20%

Bill Quango mp: Breaking News ***Chancellor takes two bottles of scotch to the Budget**** Means spirits going up or he needs a lot of false courage

Sunday, 21 March 2010

English Freemen Standing In Court - Council Tax Hearing


Here we see English Freemen standing in court as Lay Advisors to another Freemen.
This is for a Council Tax Liability Order hearing in Cwmbran Magistrates Court in South Wales, There were 14 Freemen in attendance.
The court was never convened as the Freemen never handed juridiction to magistrates or the clerk by standing up when ordered to do so and the magistrates never sat down.
The magistrates twice abandoned the court (the ship) and it was the Freemen who called the Police and at one point the Lay advisor can clearly be heard calling attending Police Constables to arrest the magistrates for impersonating judges.
There were many criminal acts committed this day by the company personnel (Magistrates, solictors, security and the clerk) and Police complaints are under way pending prosecutions for Fraud among other things.
But for the real shocker of how these people think they are above the law ...
Watch until the end!
h/t ukwebspider

UPDATE: Uncle Marvo has shown this to be a great big con.  Thank you for pointing this out.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Missed all the banter on Guido's Live PMQs? Can't be arsed to trawl through pages of the windowlicking scribblings of the demented? Want to see the highlights in one easy to digest posting?

Well, welcome to the weekly Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Dave Pulling Manses From The Shell Version

What's For Lunch Carlos?

Old Holborn: Guiness and Oysters it is

Rocky Mountain oysters is that OH?

.243 Win: @ Carlos : venison pie & a pint of the black stuff.

Carlos: Hmmm, bambi in a pie! Nice. Good suggestions so far, folks!

Throbber: Venison pie - wit a pint of proper ale, not guiness I'd say

Hugh Jardon: I prefer hairy pie...

.243 Win: ...just have to nip out and zap a bambi later.

mort: carlos; redwine or beer based venison pie?

Dr Bombastic: I prefer fish taco

mort: i have half a dead bambi in my freezer:)

The IMF is coming: Bercow on the menu - stuffed preferably

John Ward: Ber-cow pie, perhaps?

Theresa May Spacesuit Watch

Grounded due to Daily Politics studio appearance

Hain Pantone Watch

Roger Thornhill: Not sure what is brighter - Hain's tie or his face

.243 Win: Geeks : Hain is M50Y100

John Ward: Nah, Hain's ties is a nicely matching orange...

Dodgy Tie of the Week

ToryTittleTattler: Hughes, taking his style tips from Hain now clearly

John Ward: Green tie?

Throbber: jesus what is up with that tie

.243 Win: Bristol Dave : Only thing I've seen recently that outshines Hain.

Beware of Geeks: If Hain and Hughes stood next together would there be yellow sunset?

Vulcan Watch

Gobshite: Set phasers to kill!

Afghanistan Banana Stand: Vulcan!!

Beware of Geeks: Vulcan alert!

Death or Tory: Nice one Spock!

Claw Watch

Carlos: THE CLAW!

Carlos: CLAW!

Penis Gloating of the Week

Donkey Dong: bercow you pencildicked midget! shut up!

Labour Parody of the Week

Progressive_Politics: Lord Ashcroft is trying to buy the election. he must be stopped

Best Line of the Week

John Ward: "Ashok to Ashes..."


Tom FD: Which is better? Ashcroft or Unite? There's only one way to find out...

Chicken Licken: Brown's spincter is twitching

Beware of Geeks: Nice to see the pugnacious pie-vomiting bulemic prat from Hull showing his nice side again on TV.

Throbber: Let me be the first to say.... fuck off brown you festering cunt

Tuscan Tony: Welsh Questions - -about as relevant to the world as the colour of Gordon's pants.

Dazmando: @roger im a liberatrian and a Lib Dem

Roger Thornhill: Dazmando, you are in the wrong party, m'fraid

Dazmando: @Roger so Libs tell me

Guido Fawkes: Lord Sir John Chilcot.

The IMF is coming: Massey ferguson

Dr Bombastic: he lied and they died

The IMF is coming: Not the place for essays

Beware of Geeks: Looks like Jacqui's been fighting over the pies with Prescott

Dr Bombastic: is that a yeti on the front bench?

.243 Win: Bagpuss wearing urban-pattern camo. Doesn't blend in too well, does she ?

Tuscan Tony: UNder 5 feet - like Hazel Blears.

ToryTittleTattler: yes well done broon. he made an ickle correction. oh bless.

Guest: 1 ashok kumar with pulao rice and nan bread please

PSB Custard: Passengers, not FUCKING CUSTOMERS!

Old Holborn: good news. Chocolate rations increased

Tuscan Tony: Advice I gave to management of BA - based on your business knowledge???!!?!

ToryTittleTattler: one eyed son of manse on the back foot

Roger Thornhill: If Unite is not careful BA will operate without union staff...

.243 Win: McDoom : More full of shite than King Kong's colostomy bag.

JULIAN BRAY BROWN SAUCED: whelan has the key of the door - the khazi at number 10...

sweaty crack: for godssake dont back BA gordy - i'm flying with them in 2 weeks!!!

PSB Custard: The YouTube grin. Oh my eyes!

Govt-by-Cluster-Fuck: oh god that grin , i'm going to vomit

turds of wisdom: Harman looks like she can smell shit

Tube_Thumper: hatties only thinking about the bukkake party

George Kaplan: And answer came there none...

Roger Thornhill: Brown's words are calculated to deepen and the recession


Beware of Geeks: It's cherie blair attractive part of the DNA

Dick the Prick: Chris McCafferty is fucking useless

JULIAN BRAY BROWN SAUCED: Mccaffertys goat....

Stan Butler: They'll be dropping down the polls quicker than Sally Bercows drawers at a Labour dinner party.

Guido Fawkes: Cleggs bankroller is in jail.

Tube_Thumper: oh good cleggy is up i can nip round and get an early one on miriams stockings

Charlie Whelan: Right, that's it. Horses fucking head in Cleggs bed

Tuscan Tony: Sarah Brown's head in Nick's bed - much worse

ToryTittleTattler: everyweek when Squeaker says "Nick Clegg must be heard" someone next to him yells "why!"

JULIAN BRAY BROWN SAUCED: That little kidnapped asian lad is on the labour front bench...aged a bit

Tuscan Tony: Coots? What have small ducks got to do with it?

turds of wisdom: by the looks on their face the Labour front bench must be sat in gordons piss again

New Labour bankrupted UK: Digitalise the finger I'm giving you Gordon!

Hugh Jardon: twigg gives me 'wood'

Ollie Cromwell: Purcell washes whiter

BristolDave: Christ, look at her! She needs a carbon footprint to her face

.243 Win: Go on, say it " Suffering succotash". I dare you.

Hugh Jardon: would this be an opportune moment to mention katie D & my spitfire?

Beware of Geeks: @Hugh Jardon - lol - "Cocks away!"

the shade of dr kelly: scam mail - like postal voting??

WoaR: 60 is not the age it used to be.

Old Holborn: Kilroy Silk wants his hair back at 2pm

Charlie Whelan: Right, I'm off to beat some fucker to death

John Ward: Every time a Nokia is broken, another British ARM processor is sold...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Missed all the banter on Guido's Live PMQs? Can't be arsed to trawl through pages of the windowlicking scribblings of the demented? Want to see the highlights in one easy to digest posting?

Well, welcome to the weekly Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Ashcroft: The Cause And Solutions To All Liebour's Problems Version

What's For Lunch Carlos?
Carlos: BoG, I have no plans today, so can be open to suggestions!

Beware of Geeks: Carlos - how about a nice fresh tuna salad for the bright spring weather?

Carlos: Nicoise, BoG? That could work.

Dick Scratcher: Carlos - what about Bully Beef?

Beware of Geeks: Nicoise it is Carlos!

Carlos: Nomnomnomnom

John Ward: Salade Nicoise is great, if done properly!

.243 Win: Carlos : Calamari, olive oil chili + smoked garlic. Hunk of fresh bread and large glass of tempranillo.

Carlos: I know what to have for lunch! Ashcroft! The answer to everything!

Theresa May Spacesuit Watch

The IMF is coming: No diving suit

Steve Expat: Theresa forgot the space suit today

The IMF is coming: Theresa in dry suit today

Beware of Geeks: Aaah, no spacesuit! Please Theresa bring it next time, just in case for explosive decompression in the HoC

Labour Parody of the Week

Proud to be Labour: Only Labour can look after our forces. We will do this by allying our military with the French.

Best Line of the Week

John Ward: The only Courage Brown knows is a pint of bitter...


Macintyres Unpaid Intern: The bloke sitting behind Gordon is trying to hide an erection with his order papers.

Roger Thornhill: Is Straw forced to wear a yellow star these days? Geez, I know Labour are fascists but that is taking it too far.

.243 Win: McDoom already on the back foot and stuttering. The great fisting clunk in action...

Dick Scratcher: Is Straw wearing his gay pride badge?

Tuscan Tony: Is the yellow thing on Straw's jacket a packet of Termazepam?


Beware of Geeks: Definately been given media training again - gravitas, "Churchilian", keeps mentioning the war

mort: sarah likes clunking fisting

Roger Thornhill: Dignity is absent from this Cabinet.

Steve Expat: I'm sure the four sets of parents are so happy that Gordon is bolting the door after the horse has bolted

Tom FD: Brown smirks at reference to Chilcott

Stepney: Chilcot - the musical

Govt-By-Cluster-Fuck: Ohhhhh, bout time Dave showed some fire

Carlos: Superb, Cameron. Superb!

g1lgam3sh: Get him...go on Dave kick the fuckers

Roger Thornhill: Fillet him, Dave

John Ward: "Common cos"? Isn't that a kind of lettuce?

Roger Thornhill: UP YOUR R's more like

Throbber: so its the commanders fault eh? you lowlife piece of shit

Steve Expat: Go for him Dave - that was disgraceful from Brown

Cath: oh - blaming the commanders again. Dispicable!!

PSB Custard: Fight, fight, fight!

Dick Scratcher: Harman needs a biatch slap

John Ward: The only Courage Brown knows is a pint of bitter...

WoaR: Some of Cameron's friends have died, Brown's have been hiding.

Throbber: harman has her joy balls in again

Guido Fawkes: We only need one bullet.

New Labour bankrupted UK: A rise just to buy ammo is NOT a rise in spending

Donald and Davey Stott: think Darling wins the Greg Stone Award for tie of the week

BristolDave: Ainsworth looks like a kiddy fiddler

Milf Watch: May's tits hanging down like roof tiler's nailbags

Mitch: troops into Ashcroft - he really is a disgrace

Should_Be_Working: Q: How are you today Prime Minister? A: Ashcroft

Should_Be_Working: Q: Would you like a cup of tea Prime Minister? A: Ashcroft

Should_Be_Working: Q: Is that Nokia in your pocket Prime Minister, or...? A: Ashcroft

Guido Fawkes: Loving Punch and Judy

Govt-By-Cluster-Fuck: Best answer yet.

Guido Fawkes: Squeaker squeaking

PSB Custard: Bercow's gonna pop like a teenager's zits

.243 Win: Bercow. About as useful as a washable paper condom.

John Ward: Hasn't he Twigg-ed it yet?

Cath: WTF - he really is living in his own world.

Beware of Geeks: Is that the sound of an Ashcroft barrel being scraped?

Dr Baombastic: would that plant from Wigan be an Aspidistra?

Ghost of Greg Stone: Foot was great - I loved his 1983 Manifesto

BristolDave: "Facts" = Tractor Stats

PSB Custard: Tough on Ashcroft, tough on the causes of Ashcroft.

John Ward: "Mums Nest"?

Rog: Fucking swamp pig.

Beware of Geeks: International Womens Day? Get in the utility room - these shirts won't iron themselves you know!

Dick Scratcher: What about 'Ipaytoomuchfuckingtaxnet' ?

Tuscan Tony: Four people in a snatch - sounds like a wild party, Gord.

obangobang: He's learned lessons. 200+ soldiers have died. How's that for an education budget?

Ghost of Greg Stone: If Ashcroft had paid his taxes we could have afforded a tank for every soldier?

The IMF is coming: It's official: Margaret Thatcher has been absolved of any blame. It is all Ashcroft's fault

Should_Be_Working: Replace snatch? So the rumours are true Gordon?!

Tuscan Tony: Buy May stiffs?

Tuscan Tony: Foot was a patriot - of the Soviet Union.

Tom FD: gordon's not a patriot he's just patronising

Beware of Geeks: Jeez, how many pies has he put on expenses?

Tuscan Tony: Emissions framework: wooden rack for turkey basters?

Guido Fawkes: RIGHT THING TO DO!

Desperado: Widders looking foxy today. Dirty bitch.

Roger Thornhill: Spending on salaries is not "investment" you moron

Rog: Brown loves a bit of Fisting Stimulus.

Tuscan Tony: How much nmore fistal stimulus can his sphincter take?

Guido Fawkes: Surprise she is asking a question related to Europe.

Beware of Geeks: Oh get on with it you wig wearing tosser...

Roger Thornhill: The land that Tie forgot

Ollie Cromwell: He should support the BBC - The BBC clearly support him.

Beware of Geeks: Oh they're worried about the Tories getting rid of the Labour suporting BBC - GOOD! Cos the BBC should go and it will - as I don't pay my licence anyway

Guido Fawkes: Sod the Beeb, ooh what has Brillo got to say...

Dwarf Watcher: Who's the swarthy rocking homunculus next to Tessa Jowell?

JULIAN BRAY NAE SNATCH: Abbott ale now being consumed hail mary

John Ward: Is that Diane Abbott ale?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Surely a great fashion tip for Theresa "Space Suit" May in her ubiquitous appearances in PMQs?

Hat Tip: Telegraph

5th Blog Post From BBC's Nick Robinson about Ashcroft

Like a dog with a bone, Nick Robinson simply won't let this Ashcroft story go.  Even readers on his blog are staggered at his blatant lack of impartiality.

Perhaps Nick can now focus on Labour's non-doms such as Lord Paul, as Marr did on his Sunday show to a very surprised Harriet Harman.  She wasn't ready for any off-script questions!

However, the BBC remains fully focussed on discrediting the Tories at every step, I'm sure with a little persuasion from a certain Mr Mandleson as well as their collective, ingrained liberal thinking culture within.  As they say, the Tory voting club in the BBC has very few members.  The BBC's thin veneer of impartiality and balance has all but gone and they have shown where their taxpayer funded loyalty lies, as was expected now that the polls are showing the two parties neck and neck.

Favourable reporting from the BBC is important for both parties, as can be seen whenever Labour have complained to the BBC about Tory bias.

However, with the plethora of sites such as the Biased BBC, there are many examples of the BBC anti-Tory bias that we can observe ourselves, even familiar scenes such as allowing Labour their say without interruption and then countering this with downright hostility with any Tory interviewee.

From Nick's blog, RobB sums it up nicely:

So Nick,

now that you've written 5 blogs recently on the Ashcroft/Conservatives and none on the Labour non-doms; maybe to address the BBC impartiality you should perhaps do as David Cameron suggests and "go after the Labour Party and ask questions about their donors and where they pay tax."
How 'bout that eh ?

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Gore's Prayer

Al Gore, who art a draft dodger,
Hollow be thy morals,
Thy day will come,
On Earthwatch as it is in dreamland,
Give us this day our global warming propaganda,
And forgive us our carbon emissions,
As we forgive those who burn fossil fuels for us,
But lead us into the Stone Age,
And deliver us from prosperity,
For thine is the tipping point, the power and the Glory of Monbiot
Forever and ever, until the money runs out

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Missed all the banter on Guido's Live PMQs? Can't be arsed to trawl through pages of the windowlicking scribblings of the demented? Want to see the highlights in one easy to digest posting?

Well, welcome to the weekly Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Gordon Ducks Again version

What's for lunch, Carlos?

Carlos: Not so sure, BoG. Pondering a pizza, but as yet nothing has prompted me...
.243 Win: Carlos : Steak baguette.
Carlos: Very good! But I want some Bollinger now!

Hain Pantone Watch


Theresa May Astronaut Watch

Beware of Geeks: Theresa May wearing the astronaut suit again
Old Holborn: ground control to major tom
The IMF is coming: Theresa going diving
startledcod: Who has nicked Theresa May's space helmet?
Beware of Geeks: Theresa can borrow my helmet
Roger Thornhill: Geeks - who says you would get it back?
Beware of Geeks: Roger - I've scraped too many barrels to care! :)

Penguins and Dog Watch

Armchair Fred: Can she work Ashcroft into tthe dogs debate?
Carlos: Dogs can't look up. Or is that penguins.
.243 Win: Carlos : Never seen a dog look up a penguin.
John Ward: I like that idea, a penguin would be nice, but would need a box in front of the Despatch Box to be visible.
John Ward: An emperor penguin would be better than Fuhrer Brown...
Carlos: John, a Gentoo Penguin turd woudl be better than Brown.
Grapefruit bowls: Penguins knock their friends into the water to check for seals

Odd Comment of the Week

Grapefruit bowls: Once bitten by a snake, a dog will fear sausages.


Billy Blofeld: Wimmin's manufacturing is up......... that Rabbit Dildo factory has been going like the clappers

Carlos: Scrolling banner should read "Gordon Brown is a coward and is hiding under his desk"
Ollie Cromwell: I have a feeling he is about to whoop the rear of the year
Harpic Watch: Beast of Bolsover has same jacket on for 20 years
Guido Fawkes: well done Harman, got Hague's job right this time
Ghost of Greg Stone: Get your choppers out
Labour bankrupted the UK: Gordon Brown's brains has already been disolved a long time ago.
Carlos: Please can I punch Ainsworth now?
Should_Be_Working: Harriet doesn't understand bonds, currency and stuff - she's a bird
Old Holborn: @sally_bercow, fuck off you clapped out spunkbucket
Nick2: INTEGRITY? HARMAN? Frank Field described her as a fucking liar to her face!
Should_Be_Working: "Mislead" - shouldn't that be Ms Led from a proud feminist like Harperson?
John Ward: Anagram of Jack Dromey-Harman is "Ah, my Joker card man"
Jack Dromey: Fookin go girl. That's my misses, that is
Ollie Cromwell: Brown paper envelopes being passed around
Harpic Watch: Hague nicked one from Guido about Brown weakness
Sally Bercow: Who fancies a quick fuck?
Beware of Geeks: @ Sally Bercow - is there a queue as before?
Sally Bercow: No queue. get it while it's hot
Yiddo from the Lane: "Harriet Harman is Nicola Murray" - funniest comment so far IMO
Spank Sinatra: Put a bag on her head someone please..
Old Holborn: she cut her hair with a knife and fork
Roger Thornhill: Harriet Harman would fail the Turing Test
Carlos: Turing = Genius. Harman = Failure.
Roger Thornhill: The only Tax I want to see are the ones nailed into Harman's eyes
Carlos: Bradshaw nodding about marriage? Hmmmm.
Spank Sinatra: More irritable vowel syndrome
.243 Win: Fuck, run, IT's the Mekon.
Old Holborn: did he get dressed in the dark?
WoaR: Jacqui Dromey is being gender re-assigned to comply with the shortlist.
Geordie Girl: Bradshaw looks like a grinning deaths head.
Spank Sinatra: Straw has got his usual pube stuck down his throat I see
Harpic Watch: Feckin Flopsy Bradshaw - what a cnut!
The IMF is coming: Someone lost their curtains?
John Ward: Wearing upholstery now on the Labour backbenches!
Beware of Geeks: It was an Ashcroft plant strategy that went horribly, and more importantly, visibly wrong 
Bill Quango MP: And apologise for that gawd awful face

Dick the Prick: Mr Spunker
Dick the Prick: Ben Bradshaw not gonna be able to spunk for weeks he's creamed so much
JULIAN BRAY NAE NOKIA!: dromey derry kamel shite
Liz: Oh bless. She has a hanky up her sleeve, like my grandma.
Roger Thornhill: National Institute for Continuing Excrement
A Firm Pair Of Breasts: Bust!

+++ Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights - Coming Soon +++

More exciting highlights to follow this afternoon...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Macavity of the PMQs

Once again Macavity is disappearing from PMQs to let the Harridan screech her badly delivered notes given to her by some Liebour orc on Wednesday.  Macavity's excuse is that he will have to join the Queen in welcoming South African Jacob Zuma's arrival in London for talks on Thursday.  So that's talks on Thursday and not Wednesday.  And no doubt, the flight will land just before PMQs starts.  Of course.

Digging a little deeper, I wondered just how many PMQs Macavity has missed during his short reign since 27 June 2007.  Using this and this I have calculated the following:

Prime MinisterYears in officeTotal PMQs# missed% missed

So currently at number two in the Macavity stakes with only a few months left. 

Can he become the all time disappearing Macavity?  The Prime Minister that just seems to have "other important business" to attend to when the political stakes get a bit heated?