Thursday, 17 March 2011

Over one million internet users in Libya

I came across an interesting article from the Arabic Network for Human Rights stating:

In 1998, the number of Internet users in Libya did not exceed 100 people. By early 2001, after Internet service was extended to the public, the number reached 300,000. By mid-2003, the number was estimated to be 850,000. It is rapidly reaching one million users, an immense number considering that the population in Libya is 6 million people.

That's a fair size of the population. I wonder how much the internet has played in the Middle East unrest recently or whether it is due to other global economic issues?

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  1. One of the strengths of the net is that, whatever your opinions, you can find someone who agrees with you. I would suggest that the sudden upwelling of a need for self-determination amongst arab peoples is that millions of people suddenly found that they were not alone thanks to the explosive spead of the net through internet cafes and universtities.