Thursday, 24 March 2011

Guido's PMQs & Budget Live Highlights: What You Didn’t Read In The Papers

Thanks to Guido for hosting today's LiveChat where the windowlickers gather for Wednesday's PMQs.

It was a big one - over two hours of windowlicking goodness to trawl through hence the release today.

Ozzie had a frog in his throat for most of the budget speech and Red Ed's reply was simply pre-scripted drivel and there was a noticeable marked aggressive tone to the accompanied LiveChat comments.

Seeing Miliband yesterday was like watching a kid getting upset because mummy took his toys away for greedily gorging on all the family chocolates.

Although I am an equal opportunities windowlicker (I hate all the parties equally), I simply can't stand the hypocrisy of Labour blaming the Tories for the country's demise. From selling the gold at the bottom of the market, fiscal drag and the removal of the dividend tax credit on pensions, Gordon Brown and Labour have wrecked the economy. Fact.

But there they are, the little Orcs scampering around on the media, telling their lies to all the sheeple, criticising the Tories and all the while not one interviewer has said:

"But all this is your fault".


Tuscan Tony: Good filghodu, laghaq tieqa


Beware of Geeks: Purple tie for Ozzie, red for Cleggie, black for Cameron - George and Zippy would be proud


Dick Scratcher: Hain pantone reference: 815G (Blackpool subs bench)


Billy Bowden: Celeb watch: Gordon is not in the chamber


Steve Miliband: Al Magrahi survives Japanese Tsunami

Billy Bowden: Latest : al Marghrais toaster has died.

Tuscan Tony: Al Megrahi's Joshua tree's just died.

Dick Scratcher: LATEST: Megrahi's water cress has just died

Tuscan Tony: Al Magrahi outlives Liz Taylor.

#Labour parody of the Week

Gary Elsby: Anyone can be forgiven in thinking Tories have proven their successes over the years.


John M Ward MIA with tech probs


Tuscan Tony: Fred Titmus will be spinning in his grave.


obangobang: I think I prefer it upside down. I know my wife does, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

obangobang: Too deep, too fast. My wife says that too!!

Tuscan Tony: Good filghodu, laghaq tieqa

Urban Tory: Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper are proof that ugly begets ugly

Tuscan Tony: Is John Woodcock a member of a splinter group?

Beware of Geeks: Ozzie got a nice shade of yellow - has he been on a quick trip to Zambia?

Urban Tory: @BoG its Liver failure

Tuscan Tony: Hague is the only person who looks more ridiculous than his cartoons.

Dick Scratcher: Is Shirley Williams' fanny a no fly zone?

Beware of Geeks: @DS - not even "bunker busters" can touch the sides

Tuscan Tony: Fred Titmus will be spinning in his grave.

Tuscan Tony: Croydon = Surrey's Detroit

Gadaffi: Gordo's wandering around Barnsley looking for the Thames. He might be a while.

obangobang: Maguire criticising someone for fluffing their lines. Lucky he uses his nose for his.

Tuscan Tony: Dead heat in a zeppelin race.

Beware of Geeks: "Tally ho! McRuin at angels 10. I've got a good tone...Fox..Fox 1"

Urban Tory: @BoG that was the geekiest and therefore coolest thing ever said on this blog

Cassius: NHS is going to be important if Harman is to get that face and hand transplant

The Anglo Saxon: "I can see clearly now the Gold has gone"

Tuscan Tony: Well endowment fund.

Steve Miliband: Rhodedendrum size plant

Tardkiller: I see Elsby is on day release

GuidoFawkes: @ns_mehdihasan Mrs Fawkes has made it clear she would like an Irish Baronetcy...

Urban Tory: why is Balls grinning like a bellend?

Billy Bowden: Because he is a bell end

Dorian Smith: Gary Elsby is a less eloquent Bob Crow

Nixon in China: Any truth in the rumour that Spandau ballet are lined up the play whenever Gordon Brown enters the House ?

Another Engineer: Nixon - They might as well line up Elvis to play when Gordon enters the house.

Ivor Tapeworm: From Shanghai to San Paulo - Hit Me with Your Rythm Stick

Steve Miliband: Massey Ferguson 1 John Deere 0

Call me Infidel: "does cherie wear a burka?" No but she bloody well should the ugly munter.

Tankus: Blimey.... wales gets electricity

Tardkiller: gordy did his budgets with a fishemans friend up his anus

Dick Scratcher: Enterprise Zones = Dogsh**land

Nixon in China: Potholes? Now they know how much it costs in cash to fill the Albert hall !

Dorian Smith: WHy don't we just put Caroline Lucas on a treadmill, how green is that?

Billy Bowden: POlly will blame Taylors death on the wicked tories.

Ivor Tapeworm: Has Elizabeth Taylor gone for a burton?

Nixon in China: If the media can just make the link between Liz Taylor, Japanese Spinach and Sarah Palin....Job Done!

cough mixture: BIG COUGH

Dick Scratcher: IDS wants his frog back

Beware of Geeks: Carla Bruni wants her frog back

Frog in Georges throat: Ken Clarke has nodded off

Tankus: Balls mock horror face ...same as his sex one ...I wonder

Nixon in China: Ed is hoping to soundbite the economy into recovery

busted nokia: Ed should audition for Caesar in life of brian

Tankus: what about Gordons biscuit policy on mumsnet choc or hobnob !, its sooooo difficult


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