Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Guido's PMQs LiveChat Highlights: No Fuel Zone Edition

Thanks to Guidofor hosting today's LiveChat where the windowlickers gather for Wednesday's PMQs.

(sorry for delay - work issues)


Dorian Smith: Could Clegg's tie be any more yellow?

Billy Bowden: Crap tie Ed!!!

@JULIANBRAY: Hague looking pensive .... why? all tories wearing blue ties has there been a fatwa?

@JULIANBRAY: cleggy has puilled out the yellow tie


Dick Scratcher: Hain Pantone Reference : 815B (Belisha Brillo)


Dick Scratcher: CELEB WATCH: Esma Cannon (old lady in Carry Ons) in public gallery


Dick Scratcher: LATEST: Al Megrahi’s air conditioning has just died.

Tuscan Tony: More bad news for Magrahi: his extensive lichen collection has just died.

Tuscan Tony: More bad news - Maghrahi's signature on the Magna Carta has faded.


John M Ward: Heinous or Hain-ous?


Tuscan Tony: If Wotton Bassett is to be called Royal will Leicester be name Mongolian Cluster?


Tuscan Tony: Does the Muslim Parliament do a Taliban/insurgent death rollcall too?

Steve Miliband: Woyal as Red Ed would say

Ed But Look Balls: Cheltenham tic tac

Tuscan Tony: If Wotton Bassett is to be called Royal will Leicester be name Mongolian Cluster?

Steve Miliband: You don't get posher than a posh jock jock

John M Ward: Ken Clarke's dark green tie flowing in a gentle curve over his belly...

Tuscan Tony: Ed "Mongolian" MIliband

John M Ward: Red Ed's mouth at least as assymetric as Douglas carswell's...

Dick the Prick: The Hain pantone quite heinous

John M Ward: Heinous or Hain-ous?

Tuscan Tony: Would Ed Miliband qualify for the Midsomer Murders cast, one wonders?

Dorian Smith: MRSA went up under Labour

Dick Scratcher: Angela Eagle wants a Strapadicktomi on the NHS

Dick the Prick: How saggy are Harman's jugs?

Dick Scratcher: NHSSR

John M Ward: "Son of Road-block" !

Dick Scratcher: Mandy likes his passage blocking

Tankus: shoot the dwarf

Ed But Look Balls: PrescriptED!

AV or not AV?: Ah nostalgia - Tractor Stats reappear

Dick Scratcher: George Formby?

Dick Scratcher: "Turned out sh** again"

Mr Bridger: miliband "I have a fwiend fwom Wome named 'Biggus Dickus.'"

Beware of Geeks: Won't someone think of the Ginsters

John M Ward: John Prescott is *always* thinking of Ginsters!

Dorian Smith: More macs than McDonalds at lunchtime

@JULIANBRAY: Och aye the rank an file putting police out on the street nae munny ye ken....something like that

Eddie Strange: 53 Jocks so far on my count....

Beware of Geeks: @Eddie Strange - you are Gordon Brown and I claim my free bankruptcy card

Dick Scratcher: Mandy likes Olympic Rings

Dick Scratcher: Bernie the Haircut

Rog: Ken Clarke looking like his Madame Tussards facsimile after a small fire.

Midsomer Ethnic: Born to be bullied

Dick the Prick: My right honourable Hooooon


  1. "Better late than never, I always say. I say that, don't I?" (Col Jack O'Neill from today's "Stargate SG-1" episode on Sky).

    Another good 'highlights', despite having more of my contributions this week: it doesn't seem to have impaired the overall quality too much...

  2. Yeah, damn work getting in the way of things as usual. I suspect this will be a continuing trait. :(