Sunday, 11 October 2009

They simply don't get it (still)

From the BBC (on an announcement that MPs, including Gordon, will have to pay back their ill-gotten expenses):

However one Labour MP, Sir Stuart Bell, expressed concerns about the process and whether MPs will be treated fairly.

Sir Stuart said MPs must be judged by the rules that applied at the time, despite the fact that they are now seen as widely discredited.

Look, Sir Stuart of Trough and Entitlement, what you and the other 645 troughers don't understand is that we put you in government to represent us, our best interests and the best interests for our country.

Nowhere in this remit does this give you permission to put your greed first before our country. If you had an ounce of integrity, you would have pointed out the expenses system was totally corrupt, unaccountable and amounted to systemic stealing from the public's hard earned cash.

An honourable man would have exposed this travesty without fail.

As a result of this cabal of secrecy and official deniability, we can only conclude that the 646 of you are simply, without honour.

There comes a time when every person working looks at the looters that are automatically by law and a sense of entitlement, given wealth and are allowed to circumvent the law for their own gain, and decides enough is enough. You may have tried to close down as many avenues of protest and action over the years with your totalitarian outlook on restricting our freedoms using the excuses of terrorism, but the one avenue you cannot close down is the growing swell of public resentment, that is divorced from party tribalism.

History has constantly shown us in times such as these, the results are unpleasant.

And bloody.

You have been warned.


  1. Too bloody true. But the tragedy is that these arrogant self-serving f@ckers don't learn from history. They have to be taught the same lesson again, and again, and again.

  2. Like 99% of our prison population, recidivists the lot of them.