Thursday, 22 October 2009

Further censoring of the BNP

John Mann Labour MP - a man so stupid that he thinks by banning Nick Griffin from the House of Commons means that suddenly the issue of this nasty business about uncontrolled immigration in the UK will quietly go away.

On LBC this morning his argument was that stopping all MEPs from entering the HoC was, wait for it, "the right thing to do" as they shouldn't be allowed subsidised tea and biscuits and stops them blocking the corridors.

Of course, when it was suggested to him that he may be making Griffin a martyr, he proceeded to let the nice touchy feely mask slip and descended into the usual rant of it was disgusting that BNP this, and BNP that and he was proud of doing this waffle waffle rant rant etc

Then a listener summed it up nicely: all the MEPs from LibLabCon will be signed in by their UK party counterparts as is normal practise and vice versa in Europe, whereas Griffin won't be.

And John Mann, you mong, saying things like:

"This stops the BNP parading round here as if they're legitimate politicians."

just shows you are more interested in your little expenses fiddling gang than having an iota of intellect and understanding the true definition of freedom of speech. Do you think Griffin (whose party IS legitimate btw) is now going to look like the underdog on Question Time this evening and will garner even more support as is typical of this nation's normal reaction to anything underdog?

You should have addressed the nation's concern about immigration immediately and then perhaps the hordes of traditional working class Labour voter that YOU lost to the BNP will return.

You utter, utter twat.

I hope you lose your seat in May next year for the sake of our country.


  1. I just done a bit on that same MP, although from the angle of expenses not the BNP.

  2. Ah, I see Fidothe dog (welcome) - the old distraction technique and double standards - no wonder he sounded so rattled on LBC this morning. (thanks for link btw)

  3. Smug-looking twunt cannot tie a tie properly, either.

    Bad news is that is seat should be safe, as it's in a poor area. I hope that he is proud to represent a place so prominent on .

  4. why use such disgusting and loaded language such as mong and twat.

    I grew up knwoing that language like that is reserved for people to stupid and ignorant to express themselves properly.

    BNP should not be ligitimate and should not be given platforms- Nick Griffin has Nazi-esq poltical views

  5. Well anonymong, perhaps I use those words because I'm angry. Fucking angry.

    Angry at the stupidity and complacency of LibLabCon deliberately refusing to discuss people's concerns regarding immigration and thereby allowing the growth of the BNP.

    I'll agree with you on one thing: the BNP should NOT be a legitimate party, but because you, possibly, and many others have blindly voted in a party that eventually caused their core voters to vote for the BNP in the first place and still refuse to deal with the issues, the BNP now have legitimacy.

    And if you truly believe in freedom of speech, we now have to listen to their views and not to ban them just because they might talk about all that nasty multicultural bollocks Liebour have been trying to stop from being discussed all these years.

    Only under Liebour do extreme authoritarian parties grow, and normally voted in by the very same disillusioned voters that voted for Liebour in the first place.

    I dispair at the stupidity and corrupt and selfish behaviour of MPs. This lot have really taken it down to a whole new level.