Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The quandary of the Lisbon Treaty

What I don't understand is this:

If the Lisbon Treaty is still being ratified by other countries (Poland and the Czech republic) at around the time of the May election, then the Conservatives will hold a referendum for the country. Fine, but that situation will not happen.

If Poland and the Czech republic vote for the Lisbon Treaty and the deal is sealed, the Conservatives say they will have to look at this again, although in principle, they would like a referendum.

Now, what would happen if Dave Cameron said:

If the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified, then there is no legal way or us to undo it. We're stuck with it thanks to Gordon "Courage" Brown. All we can do is try and bargain some sovereignty issues similar to what the Germans have done but that's about it. If we tried to undo the Lisbon Treaty it would mean our expulsion from the EU in its entirety i.e. we would not be able to trade with one of our biggest partners, forcing us turn to the USA for help.


  1. Why would it mean that? We would be just another country outside the EU and the EU trades with them. Supposed capitalist states can hardly prevent it.

  2. CAP. Embargos. Trade restrictions.

    I don’t know Xog – just seems to be a mad scramble to get on board and if we don’t, it‘s detrimental to our trade. I hope I’m wrong but all European governments have aimed for a one EU state, controlled via Brussels.

    I get the feeling that if we’re not in, we will be punished.

    Maybe someone can look at the Lisbon Treaty in greater detail and prove me wrong.

  3. If we "can't trade with them" (come ofg it, get out more!) then it is a true "Reich" which translates strictly as "Fully-enclosed space consisting of Customs and Monetary Union", which was not what was sold to us.

    Therefore the EU is deemd to have broken the contract it offered and also the original explicit terms of the treaty of Rome, and everything we have been asked afterwards to sign is null and void, and we can give them the sack - i.e. LEAVE.