Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The infamous Charles Hardwidge

It seems that LabourList has resurrected that American blogging icon, Charles Hardwidge again. If you ever feel like a laugh and how it's possible that someone can be quite so utterly deluded in all aspects of life, please feel free to view the blog.

Under Dolly Draper, the website was the epitome of New Labour - an example of an ignorant chancer with delusions of grandeur, trying to pretend he was the real thing. To be fair to the new editor, Alex Smith, the site is much better than Draper's bastard web-child although the content is often obtuse, reeks of naive student politics and anti-Tory rhetoric.

Still, do a search for old Charley’s comments and be prepared for a treat. Most of them consist of the following, failsafe format:

1. Liberally scatter your post with management meta-speak
2. Make a completely unrelated quote on Taoism
3. Have another hate-fuelled dig at the Tories

He does come across as one of life’s losers in perpetuam: the chap that thinks he knows it all, uber-confidence over ignorance, poor interpersonal skills, failure to understand business, talks the talk but sadly in life with his attitude, has failed to accomplish anything at all, despite his worldly wisdom that he likes to pontificate frequently.

Sadly, it appears that after his fantastic impersonation on Guido’s site (whoever that was, hat’s off to you – had me convinced for a while!) he’s now a bit touchy about people reproducing his comments – such as LabourList’s new “Comment of the day” feature and has threatened to call his lawyers .

And just to torment the poor fellow some more, the site posters are now running a sweepstake on when he will return to the site for the upcoming election next year!

Quality gold.


  1. I know Charles very well. We used to share the same padded cell before I escaped with my collection of 2000AD comics.

    Love, scojo la moo

  2. I do believe Charles is a Duke Nukem fan look that up and you will be amazed. Is he English? I think not.

  3. Charles has more than a vested interest in Duke Nukem? What is his real name? Great Scott - this is getting scary......
    Certainly he is not English. Labour have got some right characters on their books. Who pays them - you and me? Sounds like Labour. Thank God they are gone.