Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Guido's PMQs LiveChat: More Banker Bashing Edition

Thanks to Guido for hosting today's LiveChat where the windowlickers gather for Wednesday's PMQs.

An average session today with Red Ed going for the "Big Society" angle of attack which got Cameron a little hot under the collar as did some of his back bencher questions. However, where credit is due, Red Ed made a reference to McRuin with:

"He should not be so angry, it will cloud his judgement. And that's not the first Prime Minister I've said that to"


Dick the Prick: Yellow, Blue, Green - how sweet

John M Ward: Yellow, blue and green ties. Iain Martin will wish to be aware of this...

Dorian Smith: Clegg's tie yellow, Cameron Blue, will Red Ed complete the set? He'll probably have a blank tie.

Praguetory: George doing blue collar

Steve Miliband: Iain Martin;same suit/tie combo

MrHarryCole: Clegg gone for old school yellow. What is this? April 2010? #tiewatch [via Twitter]

Urban Tory: good ties can be used two days in a row, either that or it is a walk of shame

John M Ward: Hmm. Mili's tie *almost* works with that shirt & jacket...

iainmartinwsj: Right, made it to PMQs. I don't... believe... it... Cameron wearing same dark blue tie white shirt again. [via Twitter]

iainmartinwsj: Osborne looking better this week. Single colour tie, but matches it with powder blue shirt. And he's finally had a haircut. #pmqs [via Twitter]


Dick Scratcher: Hain Pantone Reference : 815B (Poisoned apple)


"Morgon, slickande människor..." (Svenska)

sentence substitute
a conventional expression of greeting or farewell used in the morning LiveChat


Dick Scratcher: CELEB WATCH: Anglian TV weather man in public gallery


Dick Scratcher: LATEST: Al Megrahi’s Toyota has just died.


John M Ward: "Argie Bhaji" - an Argentinian Indian-style veggie dish


The Enormous Community: Pickles has lured Clegg to the Pie Side of the Force


Spank Sinatra: Morning seat sniffers

Dick Scratcher: Mandy likes Big Ben

Tuscan Tony: Morgon, slickande människor...

Urban Tory: Does anyone else think bashing your banker should be new slang for having a w***?

Dick Scratcher: What about Bishop Bashing? Why do they have a seat in the Lords FFS?

John M Ward: "Argie Bhaji" - an Argentinian Indian-style veggie dish

Urban Tory: Argie Bhaji, isn't that Tevez's contract negotiations?

Steve Miliband: Osborne twatted Balls yesterday

Spank Sinatra: Nope - I think Osborne has been on the ketamine again

no longer anonymous: osborne now doing an eeyore impression

Dick Scratcher: LATEST: Al Megrahi’s Toyota has just died.

John: "No Mr Balls, I expect you to die!"

Dick Scratcher: CELEB WATCH: Anglian TV weather man in public gallery

Steve Miliband: Ed miliband will demand more vending machines in the sixth form common room

no longer anonymous: whoa, beetroot face

Dick the Prick: Blood pressure seems a bit high on this fellow

Beware of Geeks: Quite a red face - worthy of a Pantone of itself

Spank Sinatra: F*** me - he could explode at any moment - stand back

Bled White Taxpayer: Bit red-faced: too much vino collapso

Dick Scratcher: Hammond playing his organ - Chopin 5th I think

Dick Scratcher: Big Hairy B*****ks Society – which street in Camberwick Green does Dismal Dave live in?

BillyBob: seagull has splattered on Red Eggs hair

Tuscan Tony: Billy: it's the finger mark left by the person who spray painted his head.

MrHarryCole: Cheer up Nick, you could still be a nobody oppostion leader [via Twitter]

Tuscan Tony: CHarities = state funded quangoes stuffed with leftie placemen.

John M Ward: Is that a merrkat on Ed's left? Oh no, it's wee Dougie...

CHUTNEY: there is no big society in Dudley, just a zoo, a castle and a rubbish market

Dorian Smith: Red Ed turning into pepe le pew, without the charm

WoRaft: I think I'd rather see them mud wrestling.

Dick Scratcher: Libraries full of tramps & alkys

no longer anonymous: it's not like dave pikey goes to the library every week to borrow a book

Paulo: No way - her jaw can pick pickled onions out of a jar!

Dick Scratcher: Big Society = Major's Cones Hotline

Beware of Geeks: We should have more KFC and MacDonalds - it'll make it a Big Society

Urban Tory: does LauraK watch PMQs from the gallery?

Beware of Geeks: @Urban Tory - through red rose tinted specs no doubt

Dick Scratcher: Midwives at your cervix

John M Ward: Large girth! Too many lamb Chops in Chope...

Dorian Smith: BBC: "Working for the re-election of the Labour Party - this is what we do".

no longer anonymous: wales? isn't that a giant zoo?

Urban Tory: yeah 7,000,000 sheep. Its more of a Game reserve

Rog: Shouldn't Bercow be lurking under a bridge somewhere, waiting for passing goats?

The Anglo Saxon: Whats Mum from Shameless doing on the front bench ?

The Enormous Community: Pickles has lured Clegg to the Pie Side of the Force

Tuscan Tony: Odd Labour hate rugby with an odd shaped Balls as a shadow chancellor

no longer anonymous: labour must want to ban polo

Rog: Certain Labourites love croquet, though I seem to remember...

Dorian Smith: Angela Smith in bargain jacket from C&A 1985

Ed But Look Balls: Billericay Dicky!

WoRaft: Regulate the dogging sites; pay 'n' display.

Tuscan Tony: Harry is here to make Guido look slim and sexy.

Guido Fawkes: Oi

Ed But Look Balls: Two Oily Vaz Deferens in the HoC!

Dorian Smith: Priti not in pink, going for the adam and the ants look

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  1. Another good 'un! Pity I missed the Priti Patel Adam & teh Ants line at the end there: I'd have responded along the lines of "Stand and Deliver (your question)!"