Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Guido's PMQs LiveChat: Entente Cordiale Edition

Thanks to Guido for hosting today's LiveChat where the window lickers gather for Wednesday's PMQs. Another dull one today with Dave getting a bit of a kicking from Red Ed with his private photographer gaff, which as Guido correctly tweeted, should have come out of CCHQ's budget.

Still, Red Ed was adenoidally challenged again, hee-hawing like a mule and Dave fought back a bit.

No Labour Parody Of The Week, Dick Scratcher gave Hain Pantone Reference of 817C (Syphiloid Bronze), Tiewatcher showed Peter Aldous leading on the ties so far but not much competition and Harmann was sporting a Ribena look today.

Bride of Chucky Doll Of The Week was the disgraced houseflipper Hazel Blears and according to Ollie Cromwell "Harriet's Ginger Rodent jibe at Danny Alexander must have hit Hazel hard" because she seemed to have adopted that dark crimson, tight curled Labour feminist look again.

The Best Line Of The Week goes to JULIAN BRAY GERCHA! with a topical:

Why is Mr Orange wearing a poppy? Wasn't he one of the Boers?

Guido signed off with a rather cryptic "In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight". Let's hope it's another Wednesday drinkathon and not a Dr Kelly moment.

Here are the highlights - enjoy:

Daisy May: Is Harriet's Poppy big enough?

Dick Scratcher: Who's Nailin Pailin?

Alex in SW6: one lump or two out of Obama?

Billy Blofeld: Hain's orangeness makes his poppy look pale

John Ward: Updated name for Yemen: "Yo Man!"

Dick the Prick: Kids should just claim bankruptcy after college

gengiz the kahn: westoring twust in hith government.

gengiz the kahn: theffield, eathleigh

Dorian Smith: Does Ed have a cupboard full of purple ties, other colours are available you know

Secret Lemonade Drinker: What's Dave using, these days, to slicken his coiffure?

Beware of Geeks: Miliband-wagon - hehe

JULIAN BRAY GERCHA!: Why is Mr orange wearing a poppy? wasn't he one of the boars?

John Ward: Wee Dougie doesn't look very happy...

Dick the Prick: @JW - he's seen his sister

JULIAN BRAY GERCHA!: oooooh hand millibags....

gengiz the kahn: wealease wouldoff the wed nosed weigndeer.

JULIAN BRAY GERCHA!: cheese eating surrender monkey special

Rog: Dougie looks like a big pixie stole his fishing rod.

torybear: And a classic back from DC "spending less on replacing mobile phones at No10" Great cracks today from both sides

Old Holborn: If any more Bengali students feel the need to "get stabby" may I recommend Hazel Blears first?

Ghost of Greg Stone: Thought he preferred a wriggling boys club

Jolly Roger: Bring back Gordon. PMQs is no longer fun. Just plain boring.

gengiz the kahn: ginger rodent - salford sub species

Beware of Geeks: Christ on a ginger bike! Why has she reverted to early 90's ginger hairstyle!?!?!?!?!?

Old Holborn: she borrowed Charlie Chaplins hair

Ollie Cromwell: Harriets Ginger Rodent jibe at Danny Alexander must have hit Hazel hard

Old Holborn: Ikea want those curtains back

concrete pump: Blears is worried her hair doesn't match her minge anymore...

Secret Lemonade Drinker: Excellent. An immigration question.

Albania: **** off, we are here now

no longer anonymous: albania - can you wash my car for me?

Precious Umbongo: I am staying bwana

Bengali Student: I KIIIILLLLLL YOU!!!

Beware of Geeks: My ex has let herself go

Dick the Prick: @BoG - beggars can't be choosers

elsie tanner: In a prism, you can see all the colours of the rectum.

Dick Scratcher: Is it because I is back (bencher)

Dick Scratcher: He needs a good meal - battered Mars bar anyone?

Tom FD: deficit deniers, responsibility deniers

JULIAN BRAY GERCHA!: went to bbc studio to talk on security - driver was from Kashmir...

gengiz the kahn: red emma mP for bejing central.

Spank Sinatra: God - it's milly molly mandy again

Billy Blofeld: Andy Pandy with a minge more like..........

Dick Scratcher: Is Bagpuss dead?

no longer anonymous: bagpuss will never die

13eastie: CHippy geordie. Kev Maguire's dad?

torybear: Finally someone raises the disgusting rights to votes for prisoners. DC: "it makes me physically ill"

John Ward: I also agree! We need to stand up to the EU, and if necessary withdraw altogether.

Billy Blofeld: Buggering Schools For the Future.. it sounded like he said that anyway...

Beware of Geeks: Bercow: "I have a short statement to make" - I should say so

Jolly Roger: this mess left by Labour, is this why Sam cam had to makeover number 10 before she would move in?

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