Monday, 22 November 2010

BBC In Need

I see from Grumpy Old Twat's stonking blog that the Beeb's hand-washingly cringing Children In Need is back and in an orgy of pandering to their sacred gods Politicus and Correcticus, they have spawned another obsequious looking idol for worship - a girl bear called Blush. And she's not yellow. No siree, she's a brown bear so we can all hold hands and celebrate our new found friend, in the name of allah diversity.

Well, to continue in that theme and to offer, royalty free, a further boost to their franchise, your humble Geeks presents the following to the BBC: Talibear!


  1. Was the new bear Yasmin Alibear Brown's idea?

  2. I like it!

    Presumably, instead of a Tommy gun, such a Talibear would also carry a Terry (Wo)gun...

  3. Hehe - thanks GOT. JW - yes, brilliant - should have used that!