Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Guido's PMQs LiveChat: Axe Wednesday Edition

Thanks to Guido for hosting today's LiveChat where the window lickers gather for Wednesday's PMQs.  Red Ed starts to fluster in a remarkably similar way to MacMental: lots of "m-m-m-m-m-mr speaker" stuff and that dreadful nasal whining is starting to grate.  Dave was on good form, better than the other week but still lacks the "car crash PMQs" we've missed with the stammering, brooding MacMental.

Carlos is still MIA, Harman wasn't wearing her Giraffe Suit again and Dick Scratcher gave the very important Hain Pantone Reference: 819E (Tango Ember).

Looks like Red Ed was the winner in the Dodgy Tie of the Week.  Billy Blofeld said: "Tie error by Miliband. Gone for violet rather than regal purple".

Our Labour Parody of the Week was newbie Jimmy Jobby who said: "THE PUBLIC SECTOR IS THE ENGINE OF THE RECOVERY, OSBORNE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THIS".  Well Jimmy, us business owners can assure you with that attitude the UK economy and any potential employees are completely safe as you have absolutely no idea how wealth creation works and would be incapable of running a business.

Best Line of the Week goes to Sarf of the River with a topical comment on an MP who looked remarkably like Mama Cass: 

She could do with a massive cut to her diet

Here's the rest of the highlights- enjoy!

Mitch: Looking forward to advice on tightening our belts from the millionaire chancellor

Trinny: BBC has a helicopter up to cover cuts. No concept of the word irony

Sarf of the River: I'm wetting my underwear here. I can't contain my excitement for much longer.

Dick Scratcher: I’d like to fill Laura K’s chamber.

John Ward: BBC camera direction "cut to the Bone!"

Billy Blofeld: Mithter, mithter speaker.....

Dick Scratcher: Birds**t Milliband Sponsored by Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray.

Roger Thornhill: "The Miliband Streak"

ChristianJMay: Oh dear, Ed Miliband is really struggling here. Plus he has Tip-Ex in his hair...

guidofawkes: Did Cast Iron Dave just say he'd freeze payments to the EU for 7 years?

Sarf of the River: The case about EU funding doesn't have to be made across Europe, it can be made in 5 minutes from Westminster. WTF are you on Dave?

Beware of Geeks: Red Ed does need to get that beak sorted

Billy Blofeld: Hush Puppy - crap joke. Miliband is losing it.....

torybear: Is he.. is he.. is he saying.. is he.. is he.. is he..

John Ward: Izzy? Izzy?

Steve Miliband: Bird s**ts on Shadow PM's hairs shock

joncraig: Great gag from Ed Miliband on Clarke part of "squeezed middle". Good gag from Cameron too about Ken having "bottom". Lively start!

Dick Scratcher: Pickles eating cow pie again.

Dorian Smith: Ed Milliband the master of student politics

Dick Scratcher: Ozzy learning his lines - all white & powdery

Roger Thornhill: Reminds me of Pit the Younger from Bladder II - Dish and Dishonesty

Urban Tory: Is it wrong that I am enjoying watching Ed die live on TV?

Dick Scratcher: Alan Johnson - fried egg eyes

Labour bankrupted the UK: Has Ed been taking lessons from Gordon for PMQs?

Dorian Smith: Today's Labour trolls are sponsored by Unite and The Union Modernisation Fund

John Ward: Yes, Dorian: the pink dinosaurs in the Unions :-)

politicshomeuk: Cameron: "I know it is a novel concept... but in this government the prime minister and the chancellor speak to each other"

Sofamonkey: Ed's ineptitude is difficult to watch, proper car crash TV

JULIAN BRAY sale edition: Can't wait Harrier Pilots being signed up by Ryanair... last question ...wasted so far

Unemployed Tory: PMQ's is sponsored by Top Gun today

Dick the Prick: UT - Iceman!

Unemployed Tory: I weeeeent tooooooo the Daaaaanger Zone

Public School Whipping: Enjoy the 15 years of opposition guys. You picked a real winner. For the Tories!!

Down with Brown!: Milliband couldn't have been much worse if he set himself on fire.

iaindale: So go on, my lefty friends, tell me now that Ed Miliband came out on top this week. Don't make me laugh

Dick Scratcher: FYI Rosie Winterton will be shagging Two Jags this aft in car park.

Dick Scratcher: Niallpaterson reminds me of that Gestapo officer in Where Eagles Dare.

Rats arse: Why are all Labour women so ugly?

Down with Brown!: Ed Milliband = Ed Moribund.

Sarf of the River: She could do with a massive cut to her diet

Beware of Geeks: I see the Mamas and Papas are still going

JULIAN BRAY sale edition: chilean mine shaft opening under ed miliband after todays performance....

Beware of Geeks: Tom Watson - who gorged all the pies?

Urban Tory: its two seats watson

Praguetory: Should Tom Watson employ his family?

Beware of Geeks: Should Tom Watson's family be protected from being gorged by the pie monster himself?

Roger Thornhill: Render TomW to lard and power a small town in Lincolnshire

John Ward: Tom Watson second only to Pickles in the girth measurement dept.

Billy Blofeld: Unemployment of Diversity Officers is a price worth paying

Beware of Geeks: You cannot attack a plan if you don't have a plan - quite right - liebour are an irrelevence

Dick Scratcher: Twigg seems like a nice boy

Praguetory: Twigg looks a bit like our generous host.

Urban Tory: I've never seen Guido and Twigg in the same room, hmmm

Brown got us Here!: Twigg lives at Albert Cock

JULIAN BRAY sale edition: Send in the Hoons.......

Dick the Prick: Faabricant looking bouffant

Hugh Jazz: the bbc have the knives out today- its like they're watching a different pmqs!

Beware of Geeks: I'm jealous of Selous's good looks

Billy Blofeld: Paul Whicker the Tall Vicar - an old Viz character - seems to be an MP now

Dick Scratcher: Glenoglaza = Italian window shine

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  1. Great summary as always, Geeks! I meant to check yesterday but got sidetracked by events.