Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Guido's PMQs Highlights

Bah, I'm away tomorrow seeing some friends so I won't be doing Guido's PMQs Highlights.  It's a shame as I think tomorrow's session is going to be a rather lively one with Cameron vs Red Ed.


  1. Uuurrgghhh - bit like walking through treacle, really. Defo made the right decision to see some chums. 4 out of 10 in general and maybe about 4 or 5 ish for each of the lads.

    It seems a bit shit now that everyone doesn't jeer at Shouty Cleggy anymore. Hmm...dunno..not optimistic that it'll be much fun again for a while. I guess the spending review may be interesting but I can see myself getting a bit bored now the election's over and Brown's dead. 5 years of that shit .....

  2. Thank DtP, sounds like I made the right decision - will be on next week though, unless the troughers are taking another holiday, the lazy hoons that they are.