Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Thanks to Guido we can now rant and rave at the gurning politicos during the farce that is know as "Opposition Leader's Questions" and watch the Prime Monster do his level best to avoid answering any questions whatsoever, while trying to tell his pre-written, anti-Tory jokes with the panache and hypocrisy of Marcus Brigstocke.

Unfortunately, the stream of consciousness that pours down the LiveChat screen is often missed, so Beware of Geeks is going to make this a regular weekly highlight to record and list the funniest comments.

What's For Lunch Carlos?

First of all, what is Carlos going to have for lunch?

dr bombastic: "have a fish taco carlos"

Then some fine comments from my fellow window lickers:-

BristolDave: He is addressing the policy issue, you dribbling mong, but it's YOUR policy he's addressing, not his. What's wrong with that?

Tuscan Tony: Tax on the Fyfe Fyffes!

Old Holborn: I'm going to send Brown a dead cat

Old Holborn: I can smell Kerrys growler

obangobang: Brown wants you to pay for his collapse into dementia - will we notice the difference?

Dorian Smith: no doubt this is a sterling performance from the nokia thrower according to toenails

Dale: Nick Clegg - when are you going to answer my letters and get Sheffield shitty council to resurface my street? It is still cobbled for fucks sake

Ghost of Greg Stone: 800 meeja wallahs against 100,000 troops not going to be much of a raise

BristolDave: Frankie Boyle was right, Gordon Brown just looks like someone's drawn a sad face on a scrotum

Spank Sinatra: We need you like veneral disease

John Ward: Ah, is he worried that the Pendle-um might swing?

Dick Scratcher: If Lemsip Opik & Carswell had a child together, I guess it would have a straight face. Right?

Dick Scratcher: Emily Maitlis latest: “ I'm now so old my pussy is haunted, but I AM sexier than Kirsty Wark.” Next week on Newsnight, Martha Kearney in a basque & suspenders and Gavin Esler in a gimp mask.


Repeated throughout the LiveChat:

Dick Scratcher: Terry Pratchett : Just in case you haven’t heard, I have Alzheimer's.

Dick Scratcher: Broon should have to wear a stripy top, eye mask & black beanie when he does PMQs, and have a flute and double bass playing in the background.

Old Holborn: Le Port d'Douvre

Then John Redwood appeared:

Spank Sinatra: Set phasers to stun

Beware of Geeks: mind meld

ShoutsAtTheTV:star trek music

John Ward: He's Mullin it over as he (slowly) speaks. (re: Chris Mullins)

Dick Scratcher: Alan Johnson superglued again

Labour Bankrupted the UK: I support the crash of the Euro, in fact, I'm betting on it :)

The Tobin tax was mentioned:

Dick Scratcher: How about a Dobbin tax for men with big cocks. I'd be bankrupt though. Forget it.

Tuscan Tony: Turnip tax on Labour voters!

Hopefully more next week!  Let me know if I missed your blog out, or funny comment.

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