Monday, 6 June 2011

Slapping the Righteous with an e-smoked haddock

As a non-smoker, I'm enjoying the fun I'm having with my e-cig thanks to LegIron's recommendations: I've even persuaded 2 smokers to have a go and they’ve bought some as both want to stop smoking cigs!

But I expect to see official "independent" studies to be coming out shortly pointing to trace carcinogens in the unregulated Chinese cartridges which will kill all “vapers” and those unfortunate enough to inhale the second hand, odourless, food grade, atomised propylene glycol.

You know it's coming don't you? Can you honestly imagine all these people paid for by our taxes to spend their days and our cash on sending their brood to private schools while sanctimoniously judging how we should lead our lives, seeing their golden goose’s neck snapped thanks to the wonders of modern technology, an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for creating a low cost of entry product in a billion dollar market for a cheaper, alternative, cleaner and safer solution?

I know because of the fact that whenever I use my e-cig in front of the miserable, the bitter, the indoctrinated, the non-thinking, the spineless and the pious, their faces slowly morph in that characteristic, resentful, twisted evil way as they see someone not playing by their rules. That’s because they tried to be clever. Clever and nasty and spiteful. And someone of independent thought had an idea and went about creating an alternative to a cigarette, and returned the pleasure and those bitter Righteous, they f***king hate it.


I think in the game L4D2, instead of whacking zombies with guitars, katanas and frying pans, we should have models of The Righteous instead.

Pretty anatomically similar and definitely share the same behavioural aspects as Pavlov's salivating dogs.

And more dangerous and scary in large numbers.


  1. My son uses those things. Much better than proper fags healthwise although decidedly a bit wierd. Excellent for keeping greenfly out of the nostrils though.

    I lost your blog link then decided to look for it after seeing you back at CUK. Bit disappointed that you haven't flown your rented plane into a tax office yet. When is that scheduled for?

  2. After the last erroneous tax bill I once again received last week, I might just do that Xogg. Not much else to lose really! :)

    And look at the stock markets.... oooh, end of days, end of days!