Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Guido's PMQs Live Highlights: To AV or Not AV Edition

Thanks to Guido once again for hosting today's LiveChat where the windowlickers gather for Wednesday's PMQs.

Quite a boring one today, Cam on good form, RedEd useless and whining and surrounded by the new cast for Lord of the Rings.


Dorian Smith: bon après-midi, lèche des fenêtres


Tuscan Tony: Cleggy's tie's a little nasty.,

stormforce999: that is a hideous tie mr straw


Billy Bowden: Celeb watch : Bin Laden not in chamber.

Billy Bowden: Celeb watch: Barry obama not in the chamber

Billy Bowden: Celeb watch : Peppa the pig is not in the chamber

Dick Scratcher: CELEB WATCH: Geraint Jones (former sports presenter on Harlech TV in gallery)


Dick Scratcher: LATEST: Al Megrahi’s iPad 2 has just died.


John M Ward: "Mike Gapes" Does he, indeed!


Tuscan Tony: Stencil research? No harm in that I'd have thought.


Dorian Smith: "Billy Bowden: No cleavage behind red ed" - always a few tits around him though

Charlie: Who is the Hobbit to the left of Ed?

Beware of Geeks: the one on the left should reside under a bridge

Tuscan Tony: To the left of Ed looks like a refugee from a Tim Burton film.

Spank Sinatra: She's on day release from Rampton

Dorian Smith: Labour Front bench looks like the cast of the new Hobbit film

John M Ward: Who's the female to Ed's left (our right)?

Beware of Geeks: @JW Gimli?

John M Ward: Yvette "Gimli" Cooper. Yes, that works :-)

Tuscan Tony: Not Yvette, surely? Has she been at the cupcakes?

Dick Scratcher: # Elves to the left of me, Leprechauns to the right, stuck in the middle...#

GuidoFawkes: @ns_mehdihasan you are making yourself look more foolish than usual. Almost Gordon Brown like inability to admit you got it wrong.

Beware of Geeks: Where's Gordon? Has he retired to Abbottobad?

Tuscan Tony: Stencil research? No harm in that I'd have thought.

Should Be Working: Ainsworth, how have you got the nerve to show your fungus face?

Beware of Geeks: That's like Gordon asking a question about the country's deficit

Bled White Taxpayer: Ainsworth has no right whatsoever to pretend to be the Forces' friend. Dreadful Min Defence in his time.

Beware of Geeks: Spellman working on a building site today?

Tuscan Tony: Why is she an MP?

John M Ward: TT: probably because they couldn't find a donkey to whom to pin the red rosette last May...

Tuscan Tony: Quite so, John,though the donkey would probably have been more articulate.

Should Be Working: Jack Dromey - get back in the kitchen and make Harriet her tea!

Tuscan Tony: Dromey: The All Woman MP

Dick Scratcher: Mandy likes Fairy Dairyland

Dick Scratcher: Salou has stretching targets

Beware of Geeks: Port Salut!

Tuscan Tony: Saloo, sailors!

John M Ward: Ooh, I like Port Salut! Good point: added to shopping list...

will: Kerry mccarthy got what a rough labour arse

stormforce999: she's a great argument for the burka

I hate Labour: Kerry Macarthy gets more ugly every week.

MrHarryCole: RT @iainmartin1: Don't want to be ungallant, but let's take a moment to consider Caroline Spelman's jacket. It's Guantanamo jumpsuit orange

Beware of Geeks: Mike Gapes: Son of Pickles

Tuscan Tony: MIke Gapes; Goatse man.

Dorian Smith: Gapes seems a stranger to "healthy British food", more KFC

Tuscan Tony: Mike Gapes: the root vegetable des nos jours.

Beware of Geeks: Even Prescotts pies aren't large enough to top the £500 expensive limits

paulwaugh: This is not so much #PMQs as TownhallQs. Shdnt be surprised I guess but make for dreary viewing..

Dorian Smith: Labour councils don't do allotments, they plant money trees

Weybridgeman: I thought old Mikey died years ago - he certainly did politically

Beware of Geeks: Therese Coffee? Black please love

Billy Bowden: Racist geeks!!! :-)

Beware of Geeks: sorry Billy - "I'll have a coffee without milk"

Crying into my milk: scoffey

Tuscan Tony: You need to restrict your lower intestine, love.

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