Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Plod suspect terrorists armed with "spangly blue hairdryers" as threat to public

Kids TV presenters Anna Williamson and Jamie Rickers from ITV1's hit show Toonattik, were filming a skit for the programme on London's South Bank wearing combat gear and armed with children's walkie-talkies and hairdryers.
"Jamie and I were kitted out in fake utility belts, we had the whole bulletproof flakjacket thing, we've got hairdryers in our belt, a kids' £1.99 walkie-talkie, hairbrushes and all that kind of stuff, and we were being followed by a camera crew and a boom mike and we get literally pulled over by four policemen and we were issued with a warning 'under the act of terrorism'."
Rickers, 32, added: "We were stopped, not arrested, but they had to say 'we are holding you under the Anti-Terrorism Act because you're running around in flak jackets and a utility belt', and I said 'and please put spangly blue hairdryer' and he was, like, 'all right'."

So that would be the South Bank that is in front of the large ITV studio complex then?  Nice to know the police have got a good sitrep on the area they are patrolling.

h/t Yahoo News

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