Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The epitome of "new" liebour and its lies

In the Daily Politics show, Andrew Neil interviews labour's armed forces minister, Bill Rammell who unashamedly twists, misdirects and lies his way in true labour style.

I can't really comment on this, I'm too angry.

If you go to the ballot box next year and put a cross next to the local labour candidate's name, you should, like this piece of shit, be dragged out in a Snatch Land Rover and spend a few days out in Afghanistan and then see how quickly you would be writing out the cheque for more troops and equipment rather seeing how many more chums you can "employ" in the public sector or how many "poor friends from afar" we can buy houses for.


  1. The Labour Party really are scum. Everyone knows that they have always hated the armed forces. When I joined the Navy in 1977 they hadnt received a pay rise for a number of years. As soon as Maggie got in, we got an average rise of 29% because of Labour's neglect.
    Yes I know that prior to the Falklands there were plans to cut the armed forces again, but this was partly because Labour had left the country's finances in such a state that something had to be cut.
    How can you trust a party that has had 5 Defence Ministers in 4 years? What about the Defence Minister who doubled up as Scotland Secretary? What does that say about commitment to the armed forces? This government is more concerned with 'investing' in bizarre eco schemes like wind turbines and pandering to its own supporters. They know that generally that armed forces personnel are not Labour supporters.

  2. If anyone was in doubt that this shower of moral and physical cowards are unfit to attend OUR parliament,this is it. I am so disgusted with this twat if when he is sleeping less than two hundred yards from my house during the Labour conference,and I see him I will put HIS commitment to defence to a practical test. He makes me want to puke. Child killer. God bless these boys and their families. Time to let loose the dogs of war in our country.

  3. Bill Rammell is a load of shit.

    Just like his government/party

  4. Why did Brillo keep on about "20 Chinooks"?

    There are at most 8 Chinook airframes in Afghan at any one time.

    There is a routine rotation of airframes every month or so. This involves removing the airframe from service, stripping the rotors and rotor pylons from the aircraft and then shipping it home on a C-17. Only then is the replacement airframe sent out, again stripped of rotors and pylons and it then has to be re-erected. (note the aircraft is removed from Afghanistan before it's replacement is delivered). So for around 3 or 4 days a month, the nominal 8 Chinooks available is reduced to seven. (Channel 5's "Air Force Afghanistan" showed the process. The programme should still be available on-line.) Rammels lies and evasions were for nought, the information is in the public domain already.

    The same process applies to the 6 Sea Kings which comprise the other part of the helicopter lift capability in Afghan, the other helicopters in theatre are Lynx and Apaches.

    So by my (shaky) arithmetic there ate currently (at most) 14 (fourteen) helicopters capable of carrying more than 4 soldiers.

  5. Very interesting stuff there Scopes (and welcome, and welcome everyone else too).

    The reason why these politicians go on the BBC and sing from the same songsheet is to spread the message to the public at large at all costs, even if it is bullshit.

    Notice how they all have had media training: ignore the question, get you message across, don't pause for breath and repeat until the interview is over using well used placeholders such as "let me make this clear" and "it is the right thing to do".

  6. Getting the truth out of Labour mouthpieces is tougher than stuffing an eel into a bottle. Slippery, slithery slimeballs, all of them.