Friday, 12 June 2009

The Chipmunk's Blankety-Blank Cheque

Hazel Blears promised to pay £13,332 in capital gains tax that she had avoided when she sold one of her homes.

If this cheque was for a CGT liability, what about the interest and late payment charges that HMRC would normally demand on late notification and payment?

Also, included with the penalties should be increased charges of CGT @ 40%, not 18% as this has changed recently. So her cheque should be around £18,000 plus penalties and interest.

Where is the HMRC demand?

Has it been paid?

When asked by the Salford Star she said:

“I don't know yet what they intend to do with it” she says “I am clear that I don't want it offset against future tax liability. If they return it, I will make an equivalent donation to a
good cause.”
Yeah, like the labour party? This is just window dressing for her Salford constituency. From the woman that said "In a recession, there's no space for freeloaders".

Sanctimonious hypocrite. I hope the electorate in Salford fight their tribalist instincts and vote labour out next year.

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  1. Here's a direct link to the Salford Star article.

    Wondered about this whole randomly-send-cheque-to-HMRC business from the word go.

    Blears is a total fake-assed-shit-for-brains anyway but she rang particuarly hollow on paying back the CGT in question.

    "I don't know yet what they intend to do with it" - it's not for HMRC to decide one way or the other. If Blears managed to successfully dodge CGT the first time around, it's for her to revise her previous submissions to HMRC and admit liability.

    She's no doubt aware of this, being a solicitor and all.

    Coupled with her latest "Please don't sack me - I'm shit and won't be able to get another job" performance, what is there to say about Blears that she has not adequately demonstrated by her own actions?