Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Terribly sorry...

...but work is commanding far more time than I can manage right now.

I missed Guido's PMQs and am unable to make time for the highlights.

Normal service will be resumed after Christmas.


  1. Never mind BOG, just tell us who the bird with the big jugs is...Norma Snockers?

  2. Pity, as it was the last one of the year anyway; but it wasn't all that great though the feeling is that Red Ed did better then he had been doing in recent weeks.

    I'm not sure it was enough to count for much, but he's now in Oldham so we shall see what happens there, in "Old and Sad" as it's known. That could be crucial to Red's future...

  3. @DS - I've absolutely no idea who she is, but whoever she is, I'm first in the queue!

    @JW - yes, I'm hoping for a more lively PMQs. Hopefully now that I have a new handheld device, I can Live Chat PMQs remotely so should minimise the amount of Wed lunch downtime.