Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Danger! Danger! Internet about to get the Curse of Jonah!

Looks like McRuin will be joining Tim Berners-Lee on the board of the World Wide Web Foundation to take on the role of advising on ways to bring affordable internet connectivity to disadvantaged regions such as Africa.  Well, that's one project completely wrecked by the Curse of Jonah before it even gets started.

I think Alex Deane from Big Brother Watch has it about right:

"Wanting to help Africans get online is laudable. But given the enormous intrusions into privacy and freedom over which Gordon Brown presided whilst Prime Minister, he’s about the worst person to “help” new internet users. Less “education for all” – more “snooping for those who can’t escape it”
Quite.  How a brooding, bullying, miserable, bunker-dwelling, pension-wrecking, cowardly socialist with a total and utter contempt for liberty thinks he might be the right person to help bring the freedom of the internet to Africa, is quite clearly delusional to the extreme.

h/t TechEye.net


  1. "Wanting to help Africans get online is laudable.

    Fuck RIGHT OFF!

    I have half a computer full of junk posts from these bastards trying to pass off their oil minister brothers long lost bank account every bloody morning.

    We do NOT want MORE of the bastards.

  2. As if Nigerians don't need help in becoming computer savvy and unloading the bank accounts of the gormless...

  3. Hmm. could be intersting though.

    "Deer sur,

    Mi bruver wuz a britsh prime twa.... MINISTER, and he hus left me is bank account. All I need to unlock it is youzr labor parti memberships nummber and your name address and bank details, t6hen he sez youse too can share in whot e raked off in ecxpenzes frum de british tax payures."