Monday, 16 August 2010

Waking up to Oona King in the morning

I awoke to the shrill sound of socialist bollocks being transmitted over LBC on the Ferrari show, today hosted by James Whale.  Oona King was there obviously to promote her chances of becoming the Labour representative for the next London Mayor and as always, simply does not accept or get why she and her party were thrown out at the last election.

She thinks the coalition should not cut spending because millions will be thrown onto the scrapheap like they were when Thatcher was in power.

Fortunately help was at hand by the deluge of listeners and emails that accused her beloved Labour party of always leaving the country in a bankrupt state by spending all the family silver.  One angry listener challenged Oona as to whether she had managed a balance sheet?  Oona in her best defence said "of course" before listing a load of public sector non-job and fake charity positions that she previously worked in. 

So that would be a no then.

Then, with that irritating, condescending, sarcastic chuckle she always adopts when she says something that she thinks is obvious and yet we howl into the air at her righteous indignation and blindness in the unworkable ideology held onto so dearly by socialists, she compares the spending cuts to this fantastic analogy:

"Well, you don't panic and rush to pay off your mortgage earlier, do you?"

Good god.  Don't let this woman within sniffing distance of a budget.  Even James Whale had a go at her alongside some more irate listeners.

With her radar warning receiver flashing hotter than a set of Christmas tree lights, she dumped the chaff and flares that are employed by an ambushed socialist saying: "are there any Labour voters out there?", "what about the NHS?" followed by the classic, Thatcher's misquote, "there's no such thing as society".

A hideous, hideous woman with a hideous, hideous belief in a misguided ideology.


  1. Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said "I awoke to the shrill sound of socialist bollocks being transmitted over LBC on the Ferrari show, today hosted by James Whale."

    I'd have gone straight back to bed for another 24 hours if that was me. You're a braver person than I am...

  2. Hehe! Thanks, probably the best idea really.

    It was almost the first time in a while that I thought I'd need a bit of a fortified coffee this morning!

  3. public sector? They are producer captured and extortion funded

  4. Socialist bollocks = tautology!

  5. Now that's the kind of start to the day you don't need!