Monday, 10 August 2009

Desperately seeking Xoggoth

One of my top keyword search items is “Xoggoth”.
And who or what is a Xoggoth you may be asking yourselves?

Well, he’s a thoroughly decent chap over at contractor uk website with probably one of the most zany and hilarious bloggoth’s I’ve seen!

Xoggoth, be warned: you have people out to find you!


  1. What, what? Gee, cheers. I expect that makes two of us who have ever searched google for my name.

    In comments on other's blogs I rarely leave a link as unlike most, my blog is neither one thing nor the other. Some ranting, some total rubbish, rude when possible. It would drive me up the wall to just stick to politics as most popular blogs too.

  2. hehe xoggoth!

    Can't stick to politics myself either unless there is something stinky in the political air.

    Blogs can be cathartic I've found.