Sunday, 5 April 2009

G20 "riots" stage managed?

This image and others like it during the G20 summit that have been shown throughout the MSM in the past few days has triggered something in my subconscious for some time, like an alarm clock slowly ticking in the background.

Today I have finally worked out what it is: that blood and injury is fake, and the bloke is clearly provoking a response from the police.

The question behind it is why?

Is it an anarchist group? Is it a government agenda to unsuccessfully create a riot? Is it a plant by the police in testing their riot operations? Is it the media trying to sensationalise a story?

I don't know. But there is something clearly wrong with that picture.


  1. You may well have a point. Had this protester been struck by a Police Baton he would have been arrested and given medical treatment. He would not allowed to walk about with an obvious head injury.This injury is indeed fake.

  2. alternatively, the police had been preparing to do 'battle' for the weeks leading up to the demonstrations. And ready they were, including murdering someone for kicks. of course, there will be insufficient evidence to prove anything, except a dead body.

  3. The police staged this whole thing. It's obvious they provocateured this. Any of the violent protestors, with the fake blood and the guy throwing the screen through the window, are undercover police, planted there to give the cops an excuse to crack down and have mass arrests.

  4. Obviously fake. Anarchist/media PR. Makes good pictures for the global press. Nothing more.