Friday, 31 December 2010

Blogging Pit

Being a total uber-geek means that I already have a great excuse in buying outrageous pieces of computer kit!

At the business end of my "blogging pit" I have what is commonly referred to as the "tanning salon" - four 24" Dell monitors (one not shown) which means I can pretend I'm Tom Cruise in Minority Report and move windows around all four screens.

Most blogs displayed on the screen award?

Man Widdecombe, Dick Puddlecote, Anna Raccoon, Guido, LegIron and John Ward.

The power to the office is on a separate circuit from the rest of the house and is backed up by an APC UPS which gives enough power for 1 hours worth of World of Warcraft or 2 hours worth of development during a power cut.

There's an air-cooled cabinet containing 4 servers, a Draytek commercial duty firewall, CAT 6 cabling, various wireless peripherals, laser printer/scanner/fax, business ADSL and 10Tb worth of RAID storage - enough for the most depraved amateur porn aficionado.

Music to the office is streamed on the house network via the Popcorn Hour NMT.

I have no life... :)

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. That is scarily impressive! Love the top pic, too. :)

  2. That is some serious kit. I'm impressed.

  3. 10Tb? Pah, a mere beginner. And depending on what RAID, even more so.

    Okay, I'm jealous, I admit it.

  4. Gadzooks and quadrupple gadzooks! Belated happy new year.

  5. That's even more involved (in some respects) that my "Mission Control"! The home-wide set-up is significantly more complex here, though...

  6. Incidentally, I have found UPSes tend to blow up after a few power outages and/or brownouts (A well-reported phenomenon, by the way) so I haven't bothered to replaced mine when it did exactly that.

    As I have only one Microsoft-type computer, and that is a battery portable, this causes no problems, as my five RISC OS computers care not a jot if they lose power suddenly.

  7. Not heard about the UPS phenomena - that's a little scary. I know the batteries tend to go over time.

    The cleaners kept tripping the power - lost several days rebuilding a couple of servers due to that.

    However, I think most people are unaware of exactly how many domestic power spikes we have during the day.

    Sometimes when the power goes I don't realise (apart from the UPS alarm sound) and I also have one office light on the UPS. Gonna be pretty bad if the zombies are around when that happens!

    RISC - ah the good old halcyon days of insta-boot, unlike the torture of Vista and Win 7...