Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Missed all the banter on Guido's Live PMQs? Can't be arsed to trawl through pages of the windowlicking scribblings of the demented? Want to see the highlights in one easy to digest posting?

Well, welcome to the weekly Guido's PMQs Live - Highlights

Dave Pulling Manses From The Shell Version

What's For Lunch Carlos?

Old Holborn: Guiness and Oysters it is

Rocky Mountain oysters is that OH?

.243 Win: @ Carlos : venison pie & a pint of the black stuff.

Carlos: Hmmm, bambi in a pie! Nice. Good suggestions so far, folks!

Throbber: Venison pie - wit a pint of proper ale, not guiness I'd say

Hugh Jardon: I prefer hairy pie...

.243 Win: ...just have to nip out and zap a bambi later.

mort: carlos; redwine or beer based venison pie?

Dr Bombastic: I prefer fish taco

mort: i have half a dead bambi in my freezer:)

The IMF is coming: Bercow on the menu - stuffed preferably

John Ward: Ber-cow pie, perhaps?

Theresa May Spacesuit Watch

Grounded due to Daily Politics studio appearance

Hain Pantone Watch

Roger Thornhill: Not sure what is brighter - Hain's tie or his face

.243 Win: Geeks : Hain is M50Y100

John Ward: Nah, Hain's ties is a nicely matching orange...

Dodgy Tie of the Week

ToryTittleTattler: Hughes, taking his style tips from Hain now clearly

John Ward: Green tie?

Throbber: jesus what is up with that tie

.243 Win: Bristol Dave : Only thing I've seen recently that outshines Hain.

Beware of Geeks: If Hain and Hughes stood next together would there be yellow sunset?

Vulcan Watch

Gobshite: Set phasers to kill!

Afghanistan Banana Stand: Vulcan!!

Beware of Geeks: Vulcan alert!

Death or Tory: Nice one Spock!

Claw Watch

Carlos: THE CLAW!

Carlos: CLAW!

Penis Gloating of the Week

Donkey Dong: bercow you pencildicked midget! shut up!

Labour Parody of the Week

Progressive_Politics: Lord Ashcroft is trying to buy the election. he must be stopped

Best Line of the Week

John Ward: "Ashok to Ashes..."


Tom FD: Which is better? Ashcroft or Unite? There's only one way to find out...

Chicken Licken: Brown's spincter is twitching

Beware of Geeks: Nice to see the pugnacious pie-vomiting bulemic prat from Hull showing his nice side again on TV.

Throbber: Let me be the first to say.... fuck off brown you festering cunt

Tuscan Tony: Welsh Questions - -about as relevant to the world as the colour of Gordon's pants.

Dazmando: @roger im a liberatrian and a Lib Dem

Roger Thornhill: Dazmando, you are in the wrong party, m'fraid

Dazmando: @Roger so Libs tell me

Guido Fawkes: Lord Sir John Chilcot.

The IMF is coming: Massey ferguson

Dr Bombastic: he lied and they died

The IMF is coming: Not the place for essays

Beware of Geeks: Looks like Jacqui's been fighting over the pies with Prescott

Dr Bombastic: is that a yeti on the front bench?

.243 Win: Bagpuss wearing urban-pattern camo. Doesn't blend in too well, does she ?

Tuscan Tony: UNder 5 feet - like Hazel Blears.

ToryTittleTattler: yes well done broon. he made an ickle correction. oh bless.

Guest: 1 ashok kumar with pulao rice and nan bread please

PSB Custard: Passengers, not FUCKING CUSTOMERS!

Old Holborn: good news. Chocolate rations increased

Tuscan Tony: Advice I gave to management of BA - based on your business knowledge???!!?!

ToryTittleTattler: one eyed son of manse on the back foot

Roger Thornhill: If Unite is not careful BA will operate without union staff...

.243 Win: McDoom : More full of shite than King Kong's colostomy bag.

JULIAN BRAY BROWN SAUCED: whelan has the key of the door - the khazi at number 10...

sweaty crack: for godssake dont back BA gordy - i'm flying with them in 2 weeks!!!

PSB Custard: The YouTube grin. Oh my eyes!

Govt-by-Cluster-Fuck: oh god that grin , i'm going to vomit

turds of wisdom: Harman looks like she can smell shit

Tube_Thumper: hatties only thinking about the bukkake party

George Kaplan: And answer came there none...

Roger Thornhill: Brown's words are calculated to deepen and the recession


Beware of Geeks: It's cherie blair attractive part of the DNA

Dick the Prick: Chris McCafferty is fucking useless

JULIAN BRAY BROWN SAUCED: Mccaffertys goat....

Stan Butler: They'll be dropping down the polls quicker than Sally Bercows drawers at a Labour dinner party.

Guido Fawkes: Cleggs bankroller is in jail.

Tube_Thumper: oh good cleggy is up i can nip round and get an early one on miriams stockings

Charlie Whelan: Right, that's it. Horses fucking head in Cleggs bed

Tuscan Tony: Sarah Brown's head in Nick's bed - much worse

ToryTittleTattler: everyweek when Squeaker says "Nick Clegg must be heard" someone next to him yells "why!"

JULIAN BRAY BROWN SAUCED: That little kidnapped asian lad is on the labour front bench...aged a bit

Tuscan Tony: Coots? What have small ducks got to do with it?

turds of wisdom: by the looks on their face the Labour front bench must be sat in gordons piss again

New Labour bankrupted UK: Digitalise the finger I'm giving you Gordon!

Hugh Jardon: twigg gives me 'wood'

Ollie Cromwell: Purcell washes whiter

BristolDave: Christ, look at her! She needs a carbon footprint to her face

.243 Win: Go on, say it " Suffering succotash". I dare you.

Hugh Jardon: would this be an opportune moment to mention katie D & my spitfire?

Beware of Geeks: @Hugh Jardon - lol - "Cocks away!"

the shade of dr kelly: scam mail - like postal voting??

WoaR: 60 is not the age it used to be.

Old Holborn: Kilroy Silk wants his hair back at 2pm

Charlie Whelan: Right, I'm off to beat some fucker to death

John Ward: Every time a Nokia is broken, another British ARM processor is sold...


  1. I see I won the Best Line of Week award again. Do I eventually get a prize?

  2. lol! Your prize John is that you gifted with a remarkably great sense of humour and is appreciated by many!