Monday, 4 January 2010

Wootton Basset - should Islam4UK be allowed to protest?

Photo h/t Marc Vallée

Because I believe in the concept of Freedom of Speech, however distasteful I find the raison d'être of Islam4UK, it should go ahead. The town Wootton Bassett where the bodies of fallen servicemen and women pass through has obviously been chosen for maximum inflammatory effect and is simply anathema to any person with a sense of honour.

If the police allow the protest to go ahead, I would imagine some trouble would inevitably occur and the MSM will be sensationalising what it can to sell as many papers as possible.

However, it prompted me to think about another scenario: what would the reaction of the country and the state be during the 1940’s if people marched in one of our cities protesting in support of National Socialism, the Occult replacing Christianity or telling the British government to get out of German occupied countries?

Would they accept large numbers of German countrymen into their homelands and allow them to march around and jeer pro-National Socialist views at our soldiers, or would they be arrested and in the case of British nationals, be tried for treason?

We are effectively at war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Are there sufficient differences today compared with the 1940s for us to turn a blind eye?  The caveat "we are at war against terrorism only" absolve the above actions?


  1. ''We are effectively at war with Iraq and Afghanistan''

    Yes and Islam has been at war with the rest of the world from it's birth.

    Waving a white flag doesn't mean the war is over.

  2. Freedom of speech should allow them to have their protest. However they should receive no police protection whatsoever and the local people should be allowed to express their distaste in whatever form they see fit - with no interference from the state whatsoever.

  3. John, that is impractical. The people of Wootton Bassett would need police protection. I certainly wouldn't want even one of this rabble passing by my door waving filthy banners and spouting their obscenities.

  4. I think they should be allowed to march. Mostly because I fear the precedent that would be set if they were NOT allowed to march, as Postman Pat has already hinted that he'll put a stop to it if he can.

    I hope he can't. But I fear he might.